TLP: Once They Got Badges ...

Thursday, March 10, 2011 , , 1 Comments

sigtarp copscredit: Ocala Star-Banner

Or maybe it was the windbreakers that got them excited. Who knows? Anyway, the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Assets Relief Program wants his posse to look like a posse.

The Washington Post's Al Kamen is on the beat.
Even though TARP itself is winding down - the Treasury Department said Tuesday that 70 percent of TARP disbursements have been paid back and 70 percent of the money outstanding is with AIG and the auto industry - SIGTARP's proposed budget is up 30 percent, to $47 million.

SIGTARP, a law enforcement agency, already has badges, guns, ammo and flak jackets, in addition to neat windbreakers, for its personnel.

Now SIGTARP, whose chief, Neil Barofsky, is leaving at the end of this month, has put out a "task order for the installation and purchase of police equipment in official vehicles."

We're talking just lights and sirens here, not mounted .50-caliber machine guns. Still, SIGTARP is thinking of outfitting some of its couple of dozen vehicles spread across the country with "the necessary conversions," the announcement says.
What's the deal here? The money is pretty much repaid or accounted for and things are winding down. What kind of busts are the SIGTARP cops planning? Or maybe they just want new gear to re-enact the takedowns of Colonial Bank and Taylor, Bean & Whitaker.

Watch where you point those things.

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Is SIG TARP like SIG their a SIG salute too......???