TLP: Whatever You Do, Don't Talk About the Naked Soldier

wikileaks resignation
This is encouraging. Someone in Washington got called out for saying something off-message and stood by it. Big balls bonus: it cost him his job.

The State Department spokesman, Philip J. Crowley, resigned on Sunday, three days after publicly criticizing the Pentagon as “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid” in its treatment of Pfc. Bradley E. Manning, the soldier imprisoned on charges of leaking classified government documents to the antisecrecy group WikiLeaks.

Mr. Crowley’s comments, which were made to a small group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, stirred a political tempest in Washington and were rejected by President Obama at a news conference on Friday. Mr. Obama said the Pentagon had assured him that its procedures in Private Manning’s confinement were “appropriate and are meeting our basic standards.”

White House officials were infuriated by the episode, administration officials said, which one described as “the last straw” in a series of incautious remarks by Mr. Crowley. A retired Air Force officer, Mr. Crowley, 59, had a rocky tenure at the State Department, failing to establish close ties to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.
So, Hillary didn't like him and Obama backed the Pentagon's line that taking Manning's clothes away from him all the time and not letting him sleep was "appropriate." There wasn't much chance to backtrack or mutter something about "misspeaking" at that point. The fact that Crowley stuck to his statement and quit means he must believe it. Gasp! What if it's true?

Good for him and fuck all the excuse-making. Let Mike Huckabee try to whitewash the "Obama grew up in Kenya" riff. A new congressman would really like some money for a port project in his state, please, except he ran for office being against money for things like that.

Newt seems to think fucking around on your wife wives sick wives is OK if it happens when you're very busy making patriotic love to your country. Clarence Thomas doesn't make excuses because he never speaks, but his women are picking up the slack. And I guess Michele Bachmann gets a pass because she doesn't seem to know what the fuck she's talking about. Ever. Can someone ask her about the naked soldier?

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