TLP: You Know Things Are Bad When These Guys Get Attention

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Looks like Senate Republicans are getting nervous. Apparently, some GOP leaders aren't wild about the prospect of pinning their White House hopes next year on candidates like Michele Bachmann, Haley Barbour, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee ... who else? Mitch Daniel? Newt? Mitt or the other Mormon? Some ex-governor? Trump? The Ten Commandments judge? One of those senators is cranky Chuck Grassley, says the NYT:
Senator Chuck Grassley, Republican of Iowa, offered a blunt, no-nonsense assessment of the potential Republican field of candidates for president. He said only two or three of them would be qualified to hold the highest office in the land. And then he refused to say which ones they were. In an interview with KJAN radio in Iowa, Mr. Grassley said that although it was too early for him to pick a favorite, he would focus on which candidate could emerge from the state’s caucus in a position to carry on a full-blown campaign. “It wouldn’t do me much good to back somebody that won in Iowa if they can’t carry on the campaign elsewhere,” Mr. Grassley told the radio station’s listeners.
Putting down his tea cup to grumble was Jim DeMint, also via the NYT:
Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina is not interested in running for the Republican presidential nomination, but he said Saturday that the presumed field might not be sufficient to inspire voters and he would welcome a last-minute entry by another candidate. “If no one is an immediate front-runner,” Mr. DeMint said, “I think you might see a whole new cast of Republican candidates out within the next couple of months.” He declined to say whom he would like to enter the race, but he praised the work of new Republican governors, particularly Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey. (Mr. Christie has repeatedly said he has no interest in running, but has boasted that he would fare well if he did.) “I’m not going to mention any more names,” Mr. DeMint said in an interview ...
Why bother? You just touted the guy who has been loudest in saying he doesn't want this gig and ripped on everyone who does. And Grassley couldn't have been more unhelpful to his side. Most of these fuckers are losers, he says, but not everybody. And I won't say who isn't. Again, why bother?

Just wait. By the time the campaign really does get going, someone will spin this kind of tactic as some genius secret backwards maneuver to lull Obama and the Democrats into getting complacent. Of course, that assumes the Republicans will get the campaign going.

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Graybeard said...

The sooner you announce your candidacy, the sooner the press can start to tear you down. Therefore, the best strategy would be not to announce. Let these early announcers beat each other up with help from the press, and when they're all damaged goods, then step in.

There remains the chance that the last presidential election was the last presidential election, either by direct coup or by destruction of the nation or by collapse of the government. The last congressional election, although a domination by the stupid party, was inconsequential because the executive branch has established rule by the various czars. If the congress forbids something or the courts rule against them, they just continue doing it. They answer to no one.

Anonymous said...

Really,GrASSley hasn't shown he really matters much. Look. At the Gunrunner debacle.
We're told to keep writting our senators for everything. And nothing changes. Just like HE keeps writting letters to doj,atf,and it's getting HIM no where as well! Nope,i'd say we're completely screwed Already regardless....


chairmanben said...

Hope rides alone. What a sad line up. Ron Paul's too old...