Why I'll Never Comment on TechCrunch Again

Should have known that TechCrunch would go down the tubes as soon as AOL bought them, wait for this fantastic new comment system to hit Huffington Post next.

For some of us, our Facebook pages are a cozy, semi-private place to share our lives with friends and family. And as Mark Zuckerberg and Co. completely erode any concept of privacy while selling their souls to Goldman Sachs, that sort of comfort fades and we're left with this strange paranoid feeling that our information is being farmed, sold and securitized as we speak. Which leaves some of us only a tad reluctant to give in to this sort of bullshit:

Over the last few months there have been numerous reports about a new, fully revamped Facebook commenting plugin that would make the social network a viable competitor to the likes of Disqus, Echo, and the stock comment engines found in WordPress and other CMS platforms. Well, the reports were true, and today Facebook is lifting the curtain on its big new comments platform. If you want to get a taste of them, look down — we’re currently testing them on TechCrunch.

Now, this might cut down on the troll factor but sometimes the troll factor is what makes things fun. On Going Concern, we proudly use Disqus and (when it works correctly *cough*) made-up commenter names can be the best part of any comment. For example, Brett Favre sending me dick pics or "grow a vagina" who insists that men are just jealous of her ability to squeeze out children and get 12 weeks off of work as a result. We don't need every intimate detail and have actually berated our audience for being so careless as to plaster their personal information all over the Internet.

Personally I find this move creepy. The "post to Facebook" aspect is even more annoying. According to Miniwatts Marketing Group, there are 6,845,609,960 humans on Earth, of which 1,966,514,816 use the Internet. Of that group, 517,760,460 use Facebook. That means 1,448,754,356 Internet users are now blocked from interacting with TechCrunch content. It's one thing to allow logging in with Facebook as an option (which I never take) but to alienate a huge group of Internet users by limiting comments solely to those with Facebook accounts feels like a bad business model to me.

Jr Deputy Accountant does NOT like this.

Jr Deputy Accountant

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


Anonymous said...

Concur JrDA

Epic Fail

Anonymous said...

I think the real reason you're upset is you didn't exist and thus are not supposed to have a Facebook account. According to this video, you are a guy named Roger Philipp, in a dress.
Hey, Rog...if that's your thing, I'm cool.

Hey Judd,

I hope Patrick pays you well for harassing people and this intense sleuthing you are doing for him!

You're right, you've got it all figured out! Damn, you're obviously too smart for me! I just can't hide my large balls from your keen eye under this dress.

Too bad I already caught you fishing for that link you posted on another website (you know which one, I don't have to tell you) earlier today FROM the Overstock IP. I'd be happy to provide screenshots if you need them, I've got you trolling for a full 7 mins 58 secs earlier today. does belong to Overstock, right? That's right, it does.

Get a life. Stop worrying about me, I stopped worrying about YOU a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Is Judd an on-site employee of Overstock? I thought he was some butt-buddy hired gun kinda thing.

If Judd works out of his own trailer, then those Overstock hits are probably from Patrick.

I don't know, Anon, I always just kind of assumed Judd did most of his work from underneath Patrick's desk.

How else could he have discovered the huge pair of balls I'm hiding under my dress?

CommentHead said...

On the accessibility issue: Facebook is more accessible than commenting systems like Disqus or Twitter, which have far fewer users (and thus block more millions of humans).

But I totally agree on the privacy issue.

Disqus allows for anonymous (no sign up) comments, you just have to provide an email.

chairmanben said...

Facebook comments user experience really blows. Avoid.