Comparing Grocery Store Ads: 2007 - 2009

Saturday, April 02, 2011 0 Comments

I like to watch bad TV for the commercials. What are they selling to which demographic? It's hilarious to see what's pimped between Jersey Shore on MTV vs. Golden Girls on The Hallmark Channel. Really I just like watching the Golden Girls (I'm only partially in their somewhat professional female, 18 - 34 viewing from home demographic) but that's not important.

I've been watching bad TV for quite some time and have seen a lot of commercials; that means a lot of crap about value and bargains between ridiculous luxury items. It wasn't always that way.

Look at this Safeway commercial from 2007. No mention of how much the shit costs, all you need to do is get your sweet cardigan-ed ass down there and eat some of it. Who cares how much it costs? Look at that face, it says I can't go to Whole Foods because my 3% Pay-Option ARM is about to adjust like a motherfucker, I better get to Safeway.

Now look at this Safeway commercial from 2009. This family can't afford to eat pork and fish but damn if wifey isn't going to buy a value pack of beef anydamnway. Eat it. Eat it Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and... WTF! Where did all these hungry kids come from?! Wednesday was awful, the starving kids in our subdivision just showed up and ate our dinner, what a bunch of bullshit! Bonus points to the Safeway commercial folks for getting black kids, an Asian and a blonde girl in the same commercial with the beefy Latino family.

Seriously, whose kids are these?!

Don't believe everything you see on teevee.

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