An Estimated 5 Million Chickens Dead in Alabama

For any of you in the DC metro that aren't government operatives or psychotics, you're welcome to stop by JDA's backyard chicken farm (dubbed "The Chicken Ranch" after the whorehouse in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas - inspired by the recent Gay Men's Chorus of Washington's production of the show) where you'll find all manner of poultry madness. You'll even find a Polish that strangely resembles me named Adrian, who is "special" just like his namesake.

But I digress. For 5 million chickens in Alabama, the suffering is over.


Alabama officials estimated that up to 25% of the poultry houses in the state were destroyed or damaged Wednesday by the tornado outbreak, likely killing millions of birds.

Government officials in Alabama, the No.3 chicken-producing state behind Arkansas and Georgia, said Thursday that preliminary reports indicate that about 200 poultry houses were destroyed and another 180 were damaged by the fierce storms.

It's a good thing we don't burn chicken blood to run our cars like we do corn or else we'd really be hurting.

Chicken prices have been low through spring due to low demand but this could change things unless we get moving on our chicken breeding plan and somehow crank out a few million birds by summer. So far we've hatched 20 this spring, with another 30 eggs ready to hatch any day now. Getting there!

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