Ezra Klein Trashes Democrats for Celebrating Too Early

Ouch, isn't this guy on their team?

Boehner, of course, could afford to speak plainly. He’d not just won the negotiation but had proven himself in his first major test as speaker of the House. He managed to get more from the Democrats than anyone had expected, sell his members on voting for a deal that wasn’t what many of them wanted and avert a shutdown. There is good reason to think that Boehner will be a much more formidable opponent for Obama than Gingrich was for Clinton.

So why were Reid and Obama so eager to celebrate Boehner’s compromise with his conservative members? The Democrats believe it’s good to look like a winner, even if you’ve lost. But they’re sacrificing more than they let on. By celebrating spending cuts, they’ve opened the door to further austerity measures at a moment when the recovery remains fragile. Claiming political victory now opens the door to further policy defeats later.

It's kind of like this:

Team Celebrates Too Early and Loses - Watch more Funny Videos

In other words, if you put yourself in the cobra pit and win against the cobra, we should be questioning your judgment for going in the cobra pit in the first place, not celebrating the fact that you didn't get your head bitten off.

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motownmutt said...

Klein is a Keynesian? It sounds like he's saying: "The worse the economy is the bigger the deficit you should run." Not sure if there's a logical reason. We've seen unprecedented spending, and employment remains flat.

Always entertaining reading, Adrianne. You're the best handbasket companion a guy could ask for.