Jobs I Still Don't Envy: IRS Snitches

I didn't envy this job over a year ago and I don't now.

Apparently it is a good gig if you are out of work, says Sovereign Man:

Recently, a small town accountant tipped off the IRS that his employer was shorting the government on taxes. He was rewarded with a big fat check for $4.5 million (minus a 28% federal tax withholding, of course).

I’m sure the government thinks this reward is money well spent– it represents 22.5% of the $20 million in taxes that were recovered in the case, which at face value looks like a sound investment.

Consider, though, that the recovered tax was enough to keep the wheels on the bus going round and round for 2 minutes 18.4 seconds under the US government’s $3.82 trillion budget.

I'm not sure which number is more irritating.

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