TLP: And When Gordon Liddy Saw What Became of His Domain, He Wept

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What ever happened to good old, respectable ratfucking?

Just in time for the OMGObama re-election effort to start, a conservative group has launched a very familiar looking website with the goal of "publicly sharing information obtained through FOIA and other important reports, documents and analyses." Wow, get me on the RSS feed for that.

Here's the background from the NYT:
Steven J. Law, the president of Crossroads GPS, a well-financed conservative political group with ties to Karl Rove, had a revelation a few months ago while watching television news.

“WikiLeaks suddenly became a household name,” he said, and he thought, “Amid all of this bad behavior, there is a certain genius going on there.”

Last week, in an attempt to tap into that genius, Crossroads began, a collaborative Web site intended to create a database of freedom of information requests that scrutinize the actions of the Obama administration.

Many companies and organizations, including the United States Army, have seized on the Wikipedia model to encourage their members to build up information collaboratively. This seems to be an early effort to use the idea behind WikiLeaks, a repository of secretive or difficult-to-obtain documents, for a specific political end.

In much the same way news outlets have tried to harness social networking tools to improve their reports and then popularize them, Crossroads GPS is experimenting with a system of distributed accountability (or distributed opposition research, if you prefer).

“One of the advantages of the wiki platform that led us to want to develop the site,” Mr. Law said, is that you can “crowd-source both the information and analysis of the information.”
Except that Wikicountability's version of crowd-sourcing is by invitation only. So don't get all worked up about shit-disturbing on the site. There are rules, you know, even in "opposition research" (and points to the NYT for calling it out as such, even in parentheses). First rule: "You must register to be a contributor. To register, please email"

So, this is more like Wikileaks than Wikipedia. Just with Republicans. And no rape charges. Well, until someone posts something that makes somebody mad.

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