TLP: Don't Make Me Say It Again

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As if it were necessary to provide further proof that Barack Obama is a socialist sleeper agent, sneaked into Hawaii decades ago so he could take over America, scare mama grizzlies and make the speaker of the House break into tears, the Supreme Court has now been exposed as part of the scheme.

AP via Huffington Post:
The Supreme Court has turned away Ralph Nader's appeal of a Hawaiian court's decision keeping him off the state's presidential ballot in 2004.

The high court refused to hear Nader's appeal on Monday.

Elections officials kept Nader off Hawaii's 2004 ballot because supporters had failed to submit the required number of signatures. He challenged that decision, saying the election rules made it harder for independent candidates to make it on a ballot than party candidates, but the rules were upheld by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
How much more obvious could this be? It was up to the Hawaiian elections officials to keep Nader off the ballot, four years before Obama ran for president, denying Nader a shot at the state's four electoral votes. That way, John Kerry could win the state and lose to George Bush. See? Easy.

And now, seven years later, in the exact week that Obama announces his re-election bid, Nader's hopes are crushed in court. He's lost his chance to overturn the last two presidential elections and seize power. So unfair.

Now, is he done?

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