TLP: A Few Less Cars on the Freeways Won't Hurt, Either

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Cutting back on the number of cell phones issued to California state employees was a no-brainer for Jerry Brown when he took office as governor. And stopping the purchase of new cars by state agencies was another win-win — saves money and looks good, since there's little that taxpayers hate paying for more than perks for public workers.

Next up, California lawmakers. The NYT runs down this ballsy move:
With Gov. Jerry Brown still unable to get agreement on cuts to the state budget, California legislators now have to endure a cut of their own: their vehicles.

The California Citizens Compensation Commission voted to take state-owned cars away from lawmakers this week, instead offering a $300 monthly stipend for gas. The move is expected to save more than $2 million over five years by cutting in half what the state pays towards legislators’ transportation.

Amid a state budget deficit that has already led to tens of billions of dollars in cuts, leasing cars to lawmakers no longer made financial sense, some commissioners said.

“It’s very important to lead from the top down,” Commissioner Scott David Somers said. “Governor Brown is attempting to get 10 percent reductions in numerous departments. We have to make sure compensation is appropriate relative to what it is in other states and other offices in our own state.”
Some of the lawmakers, who are the best-paid in the country with a $100k base salary, complained, saying it's hard to get around a big state like California without a state vehicle. Boo-fucking-hoo. Three Benjamins every month for the gas pump should help.

If he keeps this up, Brown could end up being a real bargain. What the fuck, he's a retread himself.

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