TLP: Some Things Really Ought to be Left to Professionals

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Now, I have nothing against letter-writing. In fact, it's possible I may be a little obsessive about old school hand-written communication. Consider it me being patriotic, trying to keep faith with Benjamin Franklin and his postal experiment. Plus, they keep making new stamps.

But this is fucked-up.

HuffPost looks at Donald Trump's curious habit of writing letters to reporters (or scrawling on their articles about him) any time he's unhappy.
Trump has mastered the art of media criticism through a patented technique: he prints out something on the internet, doodles his critique on it, signs it, and -- I guess? -- sends it in the mail to the author. He did this to Gail Collins of The New York Times, then to Juli Weiner of Vanity Fair a few weeks ago, and now he's done the same to Salon's Justin Elliott, in response to his article, "How Trump could run and still hide his net worth." His doodle, which refers to the financial disclosure form he would have to file if he did, in fact, run for president, reads:

Justin --
I have no problem -- I would, in fact, file early -- you will be very surprised.
Best wishes,
Donald Trump

By sending around these notes, Trump is not just being critical, he's also being generous. As soon as he signs them, they immediately become the most valuable pieces of media criticism in the world.
The letters are great fun to read, strictly for the display of pettiness and sheer childishness. Plus, they demonstrate an amazing ability to hold a grudge. Trump's letter to Collins recalls an old article and he calls out Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter for mocking Trump as editor of Spy magazine back in the '80s. ("Short-fingered vulgarian" ring a bell with anyone else?)

Perhaps the best was Trump's snap at Jerry Seinfeld, who withdrew from a charity appearance organized by Trump's son because the comedian wasn't amused by Trump's rabid birtherism. Seinfeld quietly made a donation to the charity anyway. Burn.

Aside from demonstrating behavior that's anything but presidential, Trump is showing that he just doesn't get it. When you write a letter, it's supposed to be about the person you send it to. And Trump's are all about him.

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