¿Cómo se Dice Blows Goats En Inglés?

I'm not overly religious or anything but if you believe the Bible, you have to think there's some kind of logic behind that whole Tower of Babel nonsense. We are a diverse planet for a reason; multicultural, multicolored, multitalented... forced globalization may be shrinking our world a bit but it can't undo what thousands of years of quarantined diversity have done.

Take this observation from Dow Jones Newswires’ Michael Casey:

A Frenchman with a notoriously ambiguous mode of speaking answers questions from a Spanish TV interviewer in English. Meanwhile, translators of the TV station, not experts in the nuances of monetary policy or ECB-speak, translate it into Spanish.

And from there reporters from various newswires re-translate those comments back into English. Thus “hump” becomes “pico” in Spanish and then “peaked” in the English translation from one particular newswire. (Not this one.) Each step in the process was a reasonable translation. The problem is that the idea that “inflation had peaked,” a very dovish signal, was completely out of context with what Trichet had said in the rest of the interview.

Maybe, just maybe, the euro flopped because the European easy money machine isn't done cranking out bailouts but what do I know, I'm just an English-speaking cretin.

How about next time Trichet uses "inflation is a bitch and we have no idea how we're going to draft a one-size-fits-all policy" so everyone is clear on how things are going?

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