Doing It Right: The DC Dept of Transportation Warns Potholes Will Go Unfilled After Saturday

The DC Department of Transportation warned via Twitter this afternoon that in the event of Rapture on Saturday (did you RSVP yet?), DC roads may be left to crumble with no one to fill them.

"Sorry, we will no longer be able to fill your potholes after Saturday," they tweeted, presumably with tongue planted firmly in cheek from behind the keyboard. The DDOT DC has since deleted the offending tweet.


District Department of Transportation spokesman John Lisle, who said in a local 2010 interview that he set up the Twitter account in an effort to more quickly address the city's numerous pothole complaints, told that the messages were an "attempt at humor" and were not intended to offend anyone.

"Occasionally, we post humor, or our attempt at humor, for the folks who follow us on a regular basis," Lisle said. "No offense was intended; it was intended to try to be funny. Whether it was successful or not, I don't know."

Note to the DDOT: it's really hard to fit humor into 140 characters. Do it wrong and you'll end up having to turn down calls from Fox News.

See you on Sunday for a post-Rapture party in the streets, DDOT!

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