Hey Zimbabwe Ben, We Found Your F%$^ing Deflation

Isn't this what has been keeping Gentle Ben's helicopter spinning for the last three years?

Via the SF Chronicle

Number of the day


That's how much silver has dropped in futures trading this week, part of a broader plunge in commodity prices that sent them down the most in nearly two years on Thursday. Investors are concerned the economy is slowing again, reducing demand for raw materials. New rules also have made it more expensive to trade silver because investors have to put up more cash. The price fell to $36.24 on Thursday, down from $48.60 last Friday. That means a 100-ounce silver bar would be worth more than $1,200 less than last week.

Jesus, commodities just took an AK-47 to the face, butt-first. That'll teach us to doubt the almighty power of whoever just blasted our noses off.

Does this mean being bearish on everything except doomsday, mattresses and printer ink is en vogue once again?

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