Just Think, You Almost Could Have Owned Bernie Madoff's Minibar Liquor Bottles

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As you are probably already aware, the U.S. Marshals are trying to recoup a little cash for victims of Bernie Madoff. We're naturally wondering how much they got for the 2 oz. minibar bottles of cheap booze.


"It doesn’t strike me as a cellar of a guy who cared much about wine" says Ray Isle, the Executive Wine Editor of Food & Wine magazine. "The collection is so random. It’s a lot of individual bottles, the sign of a guy who received a lot of bottles of wine as a gift."

A key question for Isle? The condition of the wine.

"It’s a crapshoot. In this case, you just don’t know how it’s been treated and stored."

Morrell's makes it clear on their Web site that a lot of the items being auctioned are below their usual standard.

"As artifacts of history they are unique, which is why we have chosen to offer all the bottles seized, including those that normally wouldn't past muster and make it into our auction," the company writes.

The collection is surprisingly run of the mill, though there are some exceptions which run the gamut from good, puzzling and just plain odd.

The Good: A case of 12 bottles of a 1996 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild Bordeaux.

The puzzling: three two-ounce sized bottles of Bombay Dry Gin, Grand Marnier and Smirnoff Vodka.

The collection also included an "8½ inch tall, 12-sided crystal decanter with a wax seal over the cork," that contained a mystery brown liquid. Could be brandy, could be tiger blood, no one knows. Hell, it could be liquidified FRNs, who can say?

I hope the Marshals intentionally left out Bernie's extensive cache of empty Zima bottles and Bartles & Jaymes.

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