Pestilence Arrives Along the Mississippi

Seems to be a theme or perhaps a sign, too early to tell:

Snakes and alligators started showing up in some of the strangest places last week due to the rising flood waters of the Mississippi River.

It's common to see lots of snakes during a major flood because many of their usual hiding places are underwater -- and they're choosy about their temporary homes.

According to Tennessee conservation officer Ty Inmon, snakes have been found on the roofs of flooded homes, in barbecue grills and under door mats since the waters began rising.

Once the waters recede, they'll move much farther from potential human contact. But that isn't likely to happen soon.

Alligators, which are a fairly new arrival in Tennessee, have also been seen in places they'd normally never frequent.

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Anonymous said...

Alligators in Tennessee? Who'd a guessed.