PlayStation Network's New Security Exploit and Why It Won't Scare Me Away From PS3

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 , , 0 Comments

Don't freak out, the PSN is still available.


Just days after most services for PlayStation Network were brought back online, it appears a new exploit has been discovered that allows hackers to change users' passwords with the data stolen during the break-in to the service last month.

The Web sites that allow PSN users to sign in and reset their passwords have since been taken offline. This problem reportedly does not affect the ability to sign in via a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable, just some Sony Web sites.

Gaming blog Nylevia posted a warning to PSN users that their info may not be safe based on an exploit.

Here's the problem with Sony bashing: at the end of the day, security is not the responsibility of the company providing the network but of the user. If you knew that your email address (or other identifying information) had been compromised and didn't take the time to change your information, you deserve whatever happens to you from there. In cases like this, it may only mean being locked out of Call of Duty for a few weeks while Sony works through the issue. Is that the end of the world?

We're not talking a major breach of a financial institution, we're talking about online gaming.

I have been a loyal Sony PlayStation customer since the first time I played Grand Theft Auto in the 90s. I've owned several PS2s (regular and slim) and sunk $300 into a PS3 twice (one for the Jr Jr Deputy Accountant for Christmas, one for me for my 30th birthday). I will continue to support Sony - and the PlayStation Network - as it is still a superior technological product compared to the alternatives. Fuck Microsoft. I won't say fuck Nintendo but I don't consider the Wii comparable in terms of available titles and overall gaming experience. God, my nerd is showing, isn't it?

Change your fucking emails and stop whining, people. Get out there and go get some of those cussing 10-year-old headshots you know and love.

Here's the solution: create a new account, use a Mailinator email address and fake info. Done.

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