TLP: And They'll Probably Want Credit For Firing Newt

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Consider this one of those things a company does to appear to be doing the right thing. But not.

Beginning this summer, the News Corporation, the media company controlled by Rupert Murdoch, will announce each year all the political contributions it has made.

The move comes after the company was highlighted for donating $1.25 million to the Republican Governors Association and $1 million to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ahead of the midterm elections last year.

Critics of the company seized on the donations — which were made public only in news reports — as evidence of bias on the part of the News Corporation, which owns the Fox News Channel and The Wall Street Journal, and Mr. Murdoch, who has long been a supporter of conservative causes.

The News Corporation said at the time that the company’s corporate side had made the donations with no involvement by its news operation, and that the gifts would not have any impact on newsgathering operations. Still, the Democratic Governors Association argued that during the election season, Fox’s coverage of governors and campaigns should include disclaimers about the donations.

After the controversy over those donations, the News Corporation’s board of directors decided to revisit its policies about disclosure, and on April 12 it adopted a policy “to publicly disclose corporate political contributions annually on News Corporation’s corporate Web site.”

The first such statement will be published by July 15, and later statements will be published each January. A News Corporation spokeswoman declined to comment further.
Why would she? It's a lose-lose for News Corporation to talk about this at all. The company obviously wants to keep making political donations and say, "Fuck you," to anyone who questions whether the corporate money influences news coverage. (Sound familiar, Keith Olbermann?)

A mid-July release? Who's going to wake up out of a sweaty siesta to pay attention to that? And then in January? Conveniently after every other fucking kind of annual disclosure has been made at year's end. Nice work, Rupert.

But more than the timing of the disclosure is the fact that it's annual. Run these reports every month. Then the link between what was reported and who got the money might make sense.

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