TLP: Can Someone Please Convince Rachel Maddow to Form an Exploratory Committee?

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Maybe it's nothing new, but lately the Rachel Maddow rap is just horrible. Not that I've been watching her a lot, but it seems that every time I wander by, she's on some smirking rant. I couldn't even cite a topic and it doesn't matter. Unwatchable.

Politics is the answer. Just ask Fox News. (Or Olbermann.)

The Huffington Post:
Fox News has terminated the contracts of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, Politico reported Thursday.

The two were suspended as contributors to the network in early March, due to the widespread belief that both were running for the GOP nomination in the 2012 race.

At the time, Fox News said that their contracts would be terminated on May 1st unless they made it clear that they had ruled out runs for the presidency. Since then, though, both have gone further down the path towards a campaign. Santorum launched an exploratory committee on Tuesday, and Gingrich has sent increasingly vocal signals that he is entering the race.
Come on, Rachel. Lean forward. Right off that bridge.

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mike said...

I was noticing that Rachel was more a pump clown for Obama than his minions would dare to be. I have a feeling she is trying to wrestle the VP spot away from Biden so she can stand closer to the president.

I've listened to her for the past couple years and while she is informative, well-presented and bright, she seems to have wondered into the world of Dem propaganda and abandoned any sort of journalism.

The other day she was supporting Obama's decision not to release bin Laden photos, but she was up in arms when Bush wasn't releasing Abu Ghraib. Bush torture bad, Obama torture good. Bush wars bad, Obama wars good. A rather pathetic display of patronization that will only cost her the audience she has now. Journalism continues it's speedy descent into irrelevance.

Keep up the great work JDA!

Thanks, Mike -

When smart people do dumb things. Unwatchable.

wcv said...

She's always been an Olbermannesque raving lunatic as far as I can tell.