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Maybe it's the buzz of Wisconsin's attention-whoring politicians Scott Walker and Paul Ryan, maybe it's cheesebreeze-induced delirium, maybe he's just slow. Anyway, for some reason, HuffPost reporter Michael McAuliff has a new article about Tommy Thompson, the former Wisconsin governor and ex-secretary of Health and Human Services who has an affinity for implanting digital chips in people. And might run for the U.S. Senate.

"Tracking" in politics usually refers to poll numbers. But for prospective Wisconsin Senate candidate Tommy Thompson, it had another, more literal meaning when he sat on the board of a company that implants digital chips in people.

The company, VeriChip, makes something called radio frequency identification chips that are implanted in an arm, and can help doctors track a person's medical history, or can be used in high-tech security systems. They could also be used to track pets or people with advances in GPS technology.

Privacy advocates fear that the technology's potential for keeping tabs on workers, patients or even immigrants will be so enticing to businesses and governments that someday everyone could be forced to get "chipped."

Thompson, who joined the board of VeriChip in 2005 before it changed its name to PositiveID, made TV appearances for the company in which he expressed no reservations about the devices.

"You put it in your right arm and it is very small and it doesn't bother you at all, but it certainly is going to allow you to identify who you are, protect your child if you have a new child that's born in a nursery, you can protect that child from having somebody walk off with it," Thompson said in a CNBC interview.

He insisted he would have no qualms about getting one himself.

"I certainly would and I think it is a coming thing," Thompson.
All very interesting and sure to give Thompson something to explain if he gets back into politics. The same way it was interesting when JDA, who has verifiable cheesehead and anti-RFID credentials, reported on Thompson's chip boosterism more than two years ago.
Ironically, Wisconsin has already outlawed "enforced" microchipping of residents - the same Wisconsin which is home to ex Governor Tommy Thompson, who resided on the Verichip Board of Directors. That same Tommy Thompson, ex Secretary of Health and Human Services who sang the praises of RFID while never volunteering to be chipped himself. You want us to do it? Sure. You go first. Let us know how that works out.
So if Thompson doesn't make it to the Senate, there's work at Wal-Mart to consider. McAuliff might want to put in an application, too.

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