Would-be Burger Flippers Flip Out on Each Other

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Think things are looking up out there? Think again, you know it's bad when (allegedly) otherwise reasonable people start fighting over McDonald's jobs.

That's exactly what happened in Cleveland:

Four people were injured in a melee Tuesday outside the McDonald's restaurant at 10411 St. Clair Ave., where managers were handing out job applications.

Police were called at 1:49 p.m. about a group of women fighting and people being struck by a car.

Officers were told that two women had arrived at the McDonald's in a silver Infiniti and joined another group of women standing in line to seek employment.

An argument turned physical, then the two women got back into their car. The driver opened her door, put the car in reverse and hit the gas. The door struck four people as she drove out of the lot, Sgt. Sammy Morris said.

A silver Infiniti? Wow. I bet there's a McMansion to go with that, but in Cleveland dollars, an $8/hr job at the fryer might totally cover it.

Check out the video from Cleveland's ABC affiliate WEWS.

Did a certain Ludacris tune pop into anyone else's head while listening to the victim give his story?

There's another video which features a snatched-out hair extension and eyewitness testimony that claims the incident was inspired by "hood stuff" and probably not at all a sign that Clevelanders are desperate enough for a job that they'd beat each others' asses at a McDonald's for one.

Still. Damn.

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