Jr Deputy Accountant Is Gay For the Fed?

A reader in Richmond who thinks he's funny gave me this t-shirt, which I'd like to thank him for but... I'm not sure if I feel comfortable wearing it in public. Maybe some day it will be worth something on Ebay. Good lookin out.

Meanwhile, catch up on the gayness going down in Richmond at my #2 Fed bank:

"Sideshow Bob" Marshall Gets His Panties In a Bunch Over Richmond Fed's Gayness
Richmond Fed Pisses Off the Virginia Good Old Boys With Gay Flag

Equality Virginia is selling the shirts if you want one. I'm going to have to put Lacker 02 on the back of mine as a show of solidarity for my #2 favorite Fedhead, who has somehow kept the gay flag flying in front of his bank for the entire month of June. You can tell Richmond Fed how seeing this flag in front of a non-federal building makes you feel here if you're the ranting type. So far, many of the comments around the Internets have been predictably rabid.

I'm of the belief that they can do whatever they want to do as a private business, that flag doesn't affect my life one way or another. The shirt does (it burns) but it's still a good addition to the collection.

I admire the large pair of balls it takes to do something like flying a rainbow flag deep in the heart of good ole boy country while actively financially assraping us at the big mahogany table on 20th and Constitution once a month. Sodomy is illegal in the state of Virginia but apparently there is no such law on the books in the District.

What's not to love?

Jr Deputy Accountant

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Anonymous said...

Wow you are gay aren't you?

Yup, I'm a big flaming fruit, just like my boyfriend. Better not comment here, I hear it's contagious.