QE 2 Is Almost Over, Is America Ready?

The more appropriate question is: is the Fed ready?

The LA Times foretells doom:

Amid increasing political pressure and turbulent financial conditions in the world economy, the Federal Reserve is letting its massive bond-buying stimulus program expire in the next few days without a new initiative to prop up the weak American recovery.

Who will buy Treasurys once Zimbabwe Ben walks away from the table?

Here's what happens: the Fed pretends like they are walking away so they can appear as though they have some small shred of self respect left and then return to the table a month or so later once the cheap money whores bail out in droves and make things look just about as bad as they should have looked all along. Oh no! The sky is falling! Quick, get to da choppa!

Jr Deputy Accountant

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The only possibility is that the Fed will continue to buy treasuries until the United States no longer exists. That's the only mathematical outcome UNLESS our government changes, which of course it won't.