Richmond Fed Pisses Off the Virginia Good Old Boys With Gay Flag

Yes, you read that right. Richmond Fed is flying the rainbow banner in honor of National LGBT month and some do-gooders - including those within the Bank's own ranks - are taking issue with this public display of support for sodomy, interior decorating and spoiled pets.


Deep in the confederate stronghold of Richmond, Virginia, there’s something mighty queer afoot: The Federal Reserve building in Richmond has a homosexual rainbow flag fluttering beneath the American flag. Why? Apparently it’s National Gay and Lesbian and BLT Month, and if President Obama wasn’t already minority enough, he is also promoting this celebration of the degenerate “gay lifestyle.” If that rainbow flag continues flying all month, as planned, up to 47% of straight white Virginians might “turn gay” just by being exposed to the colorful banner.

Wonkette shares the following article from ultra-Christian OneNewsNow:

Meanwhile, the Mississippi-based American Family Association has received a complaint from a Federal Reserve employee who objects to the flag and what it represents. In reference to the “gay pride” flag flying just below the American flag, the employee wrote in an email: “For the past five or six years, the homosexual agenda has been pushed down our throats. [The bank president and vice president] have initiated this agenda. This offends me as a Christian.”

Said one genius Wonkette commenter "If that Christian is so concerned with morality then why is he working for the Federal Reserve?" zing!

Richmond Fed #2 Sally Green told that the Bank chose to fly the flag because they have "learned it is important to value and embrace differences -- both seen and unseen. We are flying the 'Pride' flag as an example of our commitment to values of acceptance and inclusion."

Is that it? I thought it was just 'cuz gay people tend to have a lot of disposable income and the Fed gets off on money velocity. Shows how misinformed I am.

I say good for them, way to stick it to the man. Oh wait...

Jr Deputy Accountant

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


Anonymous said...

Does Sally Green eat from the bushy bowl?

W.C. Varones said...

It is a little weird.

I mean, why the gay flag? Why not PETA, or La Raza, or Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition?

It's a little weird for un-Constitutional, quasi-governmental crooks to pick one interest group to support while ignoring all the others.

Anyone with videos of Richmond Fedsters in compromising positions is encouraged to send them to the WCV.

Please define "compromising positions."


Anonymous said...

And now Virginia State Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince William) has sent a letter to Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond President Jeffrey Lacker demanding that the flag be removed.

"What does flying the Homosexual Flag, or any other similar display, have to do with your central banking mission under the Federal Reserve Act passed by Congress?"

"Moreover, the homosexual behavior “celebrated” by your Richmond’s Federal Reserve Bank spokeswoman undermines the American economy, is a class six felony in Virginia (18.2-361, VA Code), shortens lives, adds significantly to illness, increases health costs, promotes venereal diseases, and worsens the population imbalance relating to the number of workers supporting the beneficiaries of America’s Social Security and Medicare Programs."

Hmmmm… turns out some employee group among the employees there pushed for this shit.

"The flag is being flown at the request of PRISM, an employee LGBT group started at the Richmond bank a year ago. The group is one of several employee affinity groups at this branch." Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah fucking blah.

God help me - I've worked with assholes like this.... they take their part time hobbies, ethnic identity, or "lifestyle choices" so seriously that they foist their view point upon anyone who will give them the time of day. A more insufferable pain in the ass type of employee you will not ever meet. My attitude is “Go do whatever the fuck you want with yourself on your own time but leave me the fuck out of it and don’t drag it to the workplace…. Now get the fuck out of my office….”


True story, my mom moved to San Francisco from Minnesota in the early 2000s to be closer to me (much to my chagrin, it didn't dawn on her that when I left home at 18, I went as far west as I could go 'til I hit an ocean)...

She took a hospital job (she was a nurse - and yes, I have a picture of 2 year old me in a nurse's outfit at her graduation) and got offended by all her gay and lesbian coworkers talking about their boyfriends and girlfriends.

I said "Mom, come on, first of all, you live in San Francisco, WTF did you expect?! Second, how is it any different than you talking about your grandson and your damn cat? Third, it's not like anyone is saying 'Oh
man, I rammed it up my boyfriend's ass so hard last night!'"

You see, she found Jesus in her later days. And apparently the version of the Bible she read (which was different from the one I read that said love everyone as we are all made in the image of God) dictated that gays were terrible human beings who deserved to be punished.

I did also ask her if she repented for having a child out of wedlock (me, yay!) before she climbed up on that high horse. Sin is sin, right? I remember that part in the Bible I read too.

It's worth pointing out here that I'm a bisexual, came out at 15. Her exact words were "well fine, just be safe, whoever you do."

God I miss that woman sometimes.

Sorry, the point of that story was that we should all be allowed to live our lives but unless everyone gets special treatment, there's no need to fly a flag.

I'm going to have to mail Richmond Fed a "Don't Tread on Me" flag and see if they'll fly it next month in honor of national Why Are You Stealing My Fucking Purchasing Power month.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

(much to my chagrin, it didn't dawn on her that when I left home at 18, I went as far west as I could go 'til I hit an ocean)

hahahaha! yeah, relatives can be pretty obtuse about things some times...

It is one thing to prattle on and on and on to your fellow employees about the comings and goings of your daily life (who you're banging, your fabulous grandson lil Mikey, your adorable Pug puppie, etc.) - even if mid-story your co-worker(s) mockingly pull out an imaginary .357 magnum, cock it, and blow their brains out while the drama tale unfolds....

HOWEVER, it is quite another to go to your boss (the fucker that signs your paycheck) and demand that some ass hat flag (of any kind) gets flown over the the work place building on some particular date. Can't believe their boss didn't tell them to fuck off and NEVER ask for something like that EVER AGAIN or they'll hear the "Jetson.... you're FIRED!!!!" line from "The Jetsons". Jesus H. Christ - grow some balls already Mr. Lacker.... your fucking inmates are running your asylum.

Anonymous said...

"God I miss that woman sometimes"

I told you this before but again, I think your mom did a good job on you.

Anonymous said...

...even if you did think you had it all figured out at the ripe old age of 18.... you make me laugh, Jr. got a little more "ass in the saddle" now days, huh?

Anonymous said...

"The flag is being flown at the request of PRISM, an employee LGBT group started at the Richmond bank a year ago. The group is one of several employee affinity groups at this branch."

MAYBE, just MAYBE these fuckers EMPLOYED there at the Richmond Fed should be spending more of their work time focused on the job of keeping inflation in check and promoting full employment and LESS time waving fucking rainbow flags around??????

You know I fuck around on the net / e-mail etc during the day but when the phone rings, someone comes in for a closing, my boss beckons, some problem needs resolving... I drop this shit like a bad habit and get on it.... that's what makes my paycheck and my fucking cat will KILL me in my sleep if I fail to bring home the Friskies.... when the tail gate drops, the bullshit stops.... to use a bird dog hunting phrase....

Anonymous said...

nothing like a good chart see page 3 to illustrate a point. AID's went from being an "unknown" in 1980 to Number One with a bullet for deaths by 2003.... wow, what a rocket ride. A Cinderella story for the world of disease.

Almost as good as Tears for Fears. Be sure to check out that Exxon gas price at the 3 minute 55 second mark.... I'll save you the time.... $1.45 for regular and that was probably California pricing.... the good old days.

Again, could care less what people do in their spare time and with who but when start wasting work time flying some goofy ass flag on my dime... then we've got a problem.

Anonymous said...

WTF is the Federal Reserve Bank doing flying a queer flag?

Why does the Federal Reserve management believe that it is appropriate to declare an institutional opinion -- obviously not shared by many, many of their employees and staff -- about the sexual conduct of 1-2% of the population?

Do they fly the flag of Lithuania from time to time in celebration of Lithuanian Americans? No? Why does the Fed hate Lithuanian Americans?

What a bunch of effing idiots.

Anonymous said...

what's I think is great about the net is you can go look at the local paper and see the commentary from others.

-1CLEARPosted by LAJ on June 3, 2011 - 12:24 p.m.
Where would it end? Whose flag will they fly next? Since we owe so much money to China, why don't we fly their flag?

Anonymous said...

Sally Green, the bank's first vice president and chief operating officer, said earlier this week, "We are flying the pride flag as an example of our commitment to the values of acceptance and inclusion."

Imagine, just imagine if the Confederate Flag was flown. Would the concept of "acceptance and inclusion" be as loudly and as proudly supported? Richmond WAS the Confederate capital and is a big part of U.S. history whether one agrees with the issue(s) or not. Should not the "flying the pride flag" whether one agrees with the issue or not be subject to the same analysis?

hoooooo-weeeee!!! the South gonna Rise Again!!!!!

Anonymous said...

0CLEARPosted by sparrowgirl on June 3, 2011 - 1:07 p.m.
Keep the flag flying!

Will someone please tell me how this moron gets re-elected? Please?!?!? It's really mind-boggling. He is a total embarrassment to our state.

I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.
Adolf Hitler

Anonymous said...

-7CLEARPosted by ProudAmerican24 on June 3, 2011 - 12:09 p.m.
It should be taken down simply because the Feds shouldn't be promoting a specific political issue, especially on the flag pole that flies the American flag.

Anonymous said...

-1CLEARPosted by SShepard on June 3, 2011 - 11:32 a.m.
How does Marshall know that gay couples are having sex? Maybe they are all celebate. If he hasn't been looking, then he shouldn't make judgements. If he has.... We'll discuss that another day.

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+1-0CLEARPosted by VAcommentator on June 3, 2011 - 12:57 p.m.
Maybe he goes around looking in windows. Truth is, many emotions are aroused with unfounded statements purported to be facts. This is how bigotry works. Virginia may never be able to root out bigotry in our General Assembly.

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+4--2CLEARPosted by MeToo on June 3, 2011 - 11:37 a.m.
More importantly... Why does it matter?! They can fly whatever flags they want. Who votes for this Marshall guy?!

Does this mean I have to report my sexual escapades to the authorities in Virginia? I've done some filthy things in that state. And I'm about to do more.

Or maybe it's OK as long as we're not gay.

Anonymous said...

...that's kind of a stupid comment, huh??... "how does he know that gay couples are having sex???".... really, that is pretty stupid...

you're gay, with someone else who is gay, but you're NOT having gay sex with your gay partner and are instead celibate??? really???? Sweet Baby Jeezus what color is the sky on your planet?

Anonymous said...

I like women so can I design my own flag, build a penis shaped flag pole in front of the credit union and then fly the Jolly Roger out front?

Anonymous said...

a penis shaped flag pole with two of those giant globe arborvitae bushes at the base with a Vagina flag that says "Don't Penetrate Me Before Buying Me Dinner" flying proudly out in front of PCU.

Anonymous said...

"Does this mean I have to report my sexual escapades to the authorities in Virginia?"

Tell you what, as soon as you do I'll go over to the State Police in Collinsville and report my pot use in the great state of Illinois.

Now how many people you think smoke a little weed on the weekend at the Richmond Fed? Maybe one day they will all band together, march into Lacker's office and demand that a Mary Jane Leaf flag be flown over the Richmond Fed.

Anonymous said...

0CLEARPosted by Laser on June 3, 2011 - 1:29 p.m.
This puts the ball in Jeff Lacker's court. Not the brightest light on the Christmas tree, he might order both flags be taken down.

chuckle, chuckle

Anonymous said...

I'm going into my boss's office right now and DEMAND that I be allowed to erect my flag pole this weekend... oh wait, then I'd have to cancel my trout fishing trip to Maramec Spring Park with my really old pal Roach... shit ..... heterosexual pride flag erection on the one hand or trout fishing with my old buddy who probably only has a few more seasons left on this earth if he's lucky…???? Which should I do????

Anonymous said...

Are people here bored, or what?

The Federal Reserve is NOT a federal agency.

Get a life - your own.

And Mr. Marshall: Jesus is coming - look busy!

Anonymous said...

"The Federal Reserve is not a federal agency"

True, but then why do we let those bastards control the country's money supply?

We ought to tar and feather those assholes and run them out of town on a rail.