San Francisco Food Nazis Shut Down Underground Wild Foods Co-op

Now, I can understand the safety risk here in the minds of San Francisco food police, as I personally wouldn't eat anything found in Golden Gate Park. Chances are it carries some form of hepatitis, and I'm not sure about the effect of homeless guy pee as a fertilizer but I wouldn't put it in my mouth.

The SF Weekly has the story:

ForageSF founder Iso Rabins told SF Weekly that he was issued a cease-and-desist order by two officials from the Department of Public Health at the market on Saturday. He said he will meet with health inspectors on Thursday to try to determine a way to bring the market into line with regulations governing food vendors, which it has so far managed to circumvent.

"I can't do it again until I meet with them and figure out how to do it legally," he said.

State and local regulations dictate that food sold at farmers' markets be produced in commercial kitchens. The underground market had gotten around this restriction -- at the suggestion, originally, of a San Francisco health inspector -- by billing itself as a private, "members-only" event. Patrons can sign up for membership online, and pay a $5 entrance fee to the market.

Apparently the state of California didn't like this workaround, forcing SF Food PD to crack down on Rabins' little indie market.

ForageSF was first profiled in the Weekly in March of 2009. The best quote from that piece was this one from Rebecca Klus, a San Francisco cooking instructor and wild foods enthusiast. "Maybe we're a little spoiled here in the Bay Area, but even the farmers' market has become too pedestrian."

Everything is too pedestrian for those hip fuckers in San Francisco. What could be more anti-establishment than munching wild radishes fed with the piss of both floofy dogs and homeless dudes?

Way to one-up the Bourgeoisie, San Francisco.

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