San Francisco Gets Its Own Vodka

Wednesday, June 01, 2011 , 0 Comments

You know... call me bitter and jaded but I think Absolut should have done something more like homeless dude/Muni exhaust/Nag Champa or weed/weed/homeless guy infusion. But whatever, I'm no longer a citizen so I no longer have a say.

SF Gate:

Every year since 2007, Absolut has released a limited-edition flavored vodka inspired by an American city. After New Orleans, Los Angeles, Boston, and Brooklyn - and much speculation on Facebook and Twitter - the brand will introduce Absolut SF on Wednesday.

The bottle, designed with a "freedom of expression" theme, features a cityscape on the front label and cartoon protest signs visible through the bottle with slogans like "Speak up!" and "Be Proud." The accompanying print advertising campaign offers additional cheeky slogans like "Free Love, Expensive Shoes" and "Diversity Now, Cocktails Tonight."

The flavors - grape, dragon fruit and papaya - were selected to represent the city by paying tribute to the Wine Country, and Asian and Latin cultures. Cocktails promoted with the flavor include the Absolut SF Foghorn (with the vodka plus grapefruit juice) and the Absolut SF Wild Parrot (with lychee liqueur, lime, cranberry juice and soda).

How about the Absolut SF Wild Bender (with WD40, dirty curb water and regretful drunken texts to the ex) or the Absolut SF Ruined Dot Commer (with flat Dom Perignon and a shot of warm lube)?

No thanks, I won't partake.

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