"Sideshow Bob" Marshall Gets His Panties In a Bunch Over Richmond Fed's Gayness

IMHO, not being able to spell "judgment" correctly should also be a class six felony in the state of Virginia and everywhere. Also, if you're going to write an angry letter to someone, try spelling their name correctly.

In case you missed it, JDA's 2nd favorite Fed bank is flying a rainbow flag in honor of national LGBTQ month and some Virginians aren't very happy about it, including Virginia delegate Bob Marshall. To read his rant, it seems part of his problem with gaytitude is that it doesn't breed new taxpayers to shoulder the weight of the Ponzi scheme.

Seems to me who you're screwing has nothing to do with it, we're all getting screwed one way or another.

Hey Virginia, do you guys realize you elected an idiot who doesn't even know that the Federal Reserve isn't federal? Quick, someone send this guy a copy of Creature From Jekyll Island.

Virginia Tomorrow has the press release:

Manassas, VA-Delegate Robert G. “Bob” Marshall sent the letter below to the President of the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank asking him to remove the rainbow flag representing homosexual rights which is currently flying under the American Flag in recognition of Gay Pride month outside the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank.

“I do not believe that a celebration of ’gay pride’ has anything to do with the mission of the Federal Reserve under the Federal Reserve Act passed by Congress,” said Marshall. ”This is a celebration of a behavior that is still a class six felony in Virginia. How can the American people trust the judgement of the Federal Reserve as an institution when its spokesperson celebrates an attack on public morals?” he asked. Marshall urged, “Take down that flag!”

June 2, 2011

Mr. Jeffrey M. Lacke [uhh... sic?]

President, Richmond Federal Reserve

Re: Take Down that Flag!

Dear President Lacke[r]:

Flying the Homosexual Flag just under the American flag outside Richmond’s Federal Reserve Bank building is a serious deficiency of judgment by your organization, one not limited to social issues.

The Fed’s policies are supposed to “contribute to the strength and vitality of the U. S. economy,” according to the official US Government Organization manual. A flagpole in front of a federal building is not a commercial or political message board. What does flying the Homosexual Flag, or any other similar display, have to do with your central banking mission under the Federal Reserve Act passed by Congress?

Moreover, the homosexual behavior “celebrated” by your Richmond’s Federal Reserve Bank spokeswoman undermines the American economy, is a class six felony in Virginia (18.2-361, VA Code), shortens lives, adds significantly to illness, increases health costs, promotes venereal diseases, and worsens the population imbalance relating to the number of workers supporting the beneficiaries of America’s Social Security and Medicare Programs.

The Richmond Fed’s endorsement of costly, anti-social, immoral behavior is rejected by 6,000 years of Western Religious and moral teaching. You want the American people to trust your judgement in economic matters when your spokesperson celebrates an attack on public morals? Why?

Virginia’s Thomas Jefferson rejected such specious posturing. He wrote in 1809 to Don Valentine de Feronda, “I never did, or countenanced, in public life, a single act inconsistent with the strictest good faith; having never believed there was one code of morality for a public, and another for a private man.”

Mr. Lacke[r], take down that flag!


Delegate Bob Marshall

Are we referring to the same Thomas Jefferson who knocked up the slave he owned? I love the guy as much as the next patriot but, uh, let's keep things in perspective here before we go tossing around the morality clause, the guy screwed human beings he owned for Christ's sake.

And I'm not sure if Mr. Marshall missed health class back in 1814 but venereal disease is not exclusive of gays. In fact, lesbian sex is some of the cleanest, safest sex you can have, especially if you sterilize the strap-ons before and after.

Sounds like ole Bob could really use a nice prostate milking so he can see straight enough to spell right.

We looked up the Virginia law that ole Bob refers to, which reads:
§ 18.2-361. Crimes against nature; penalty.

A. If any person carnally knows in any manner any brute animal, or carnally knows any male or female person by the anus or by or with the mouth, or voluntarily submits to such carnal knowledge, he or she shall be guilty of a Class 6 felony, except as provided in subsection B.

Uh, so, is Mr Marshall willing to go on record to say he's never gotten a good sloppy BJ? Because that's just as illegal in Virginia as getting it up the keister by a dude. Sin is sin, right? It's also illegal in Virginia for two non-married people to get it on. And God forbid you live with someone before marriage, lewd and lascivious cohabitation is a Class 3 misdemeanor in the state.

Fun fact: wives in Virginia are considered property and therefore automatically consent to sex, regardless of whether or not they actually want it.

In the interest of fairness, however, I propose Richmond Fed fly a Don't Tread on Me flag next month in honor of National You're Stealing My Purchasing Power Month as a gesture of solidarity for the little man getting pissed on by the fat cat bankers. It's only fair.

Jr Deputy Accountant

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


QUOTE: "Delegate Bob Marshall, R-Prince William County, went on record with incorrect, and unproven statements that homosexuality, "undermines the American economy . . . shortens lives, adds significantly to illness, increases health costs, promotes venereal diseases, and worsens the population imbalance relating to the number of workers supporting the beneficiaries of America's Social Security and Medicare Programs."" ENDQUOTE.

Jesus told Bob Marshall that lying is satanic. [JOHN 8:44]. Lying by Marshall is not tolerated. Hate is satanic.

Virginia Tobacco Mafia kills people, shortens their lives, adds illness, and is not prosecuted in Virginia. Tobacco Mafia also corrupts judges with lavish bribes disquised as speaking fees. Where is the outrage?

Workers are lined up at the borders wanting to support old people on Medicare and Social Security by cheerfully paying their taxes if the deadbeat anti-tax Marshall would please GET OUT! And venereal diseases are spread by too few rubbers being used -- have a "Use a Rubber" month. Grow Some Brains! It's the Third Millenium.

No peeing. Especially by bankers.

Anonymous said...

"And venereal diseases are spread by too few rubbers being used -- have a "Use a Rubber" month"

Captain Carl is a salty dog
Who sailed the seven sea'es
He's always sure to sheath his sword
So's he don't get no diseases

Marketing notation to self... a condom with the colors of "Old Fabulous" to appeal to LGTB Condom Buying Marketplace...unless someone else has beaten me to the idea... slogans... run this over your flag pole before cramming it up a bung hole....

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