TLP: How Weiner's Women Got the Money Shots and Avoided the Mess

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Let's hope that Anthony Weiner busted a good nut or twelve in the course of his cock-tweeting and Facebook seduction adventures. You'd have to think he did. Otherwise, he'd have been guzzling bourbon instead of bottled water at his "it was mine" news conference.

Seems the attention-whoring AW wasn't the only one using the online encounters to get a little ... something. Looks like the women he sexted and skeezed on were perfectly capable of giving while they were getting. And at least one got paid to talk about it afterward, speaking of attention-whoring.

Before the subjects of headlining news stories agree to a television interview these days, some have one question: how much money can I make?

ABC and NBC, embroiled in a fight for viewers in the mornings, are increasingly in the news for their willingness to pay thousands of dollars to gain exclusive access to news subjects.

The practice was especially visible last week when ABC News ran an exclusive interview with Meagan Broussard, one of the women who was sent lewd photos by Anthony Weiner, after the network paid her about $15,000 for photos. ABC said its extensive reporting, including the interview, led to Mr. Weiner’s admissions about his online behavior.
So apparently Meagan Broussard's price is $15k. And as the saying goes, we already know what she is. Being involved in this and recent stories has resulted in similar payments for "rights to home movies" or "education trusts" or whatever.

Which raises the question of not just what Weiner's women are getting out of it at the end, but what their role was in the midst of the filthy photo-swapping show-and-tell.

LZ Granderson commented on
But the Weiner scandal -- and I feel somewhat silly calling it a scandal ... appears to be some horny adults getting freaky over the Internet, illustrated by this e-mail exchange shared by Lisa Weiss, one of the six women Weiner was involved with:

Weiner: ridiculous bulge in my shorts now. wanna see?

Weiss: "Yea! can u send a pic? I want to sit on your ..."
So thoughtful, CNN. Cutting the text off before it gets good and Weiss asks Weiner, "how r u gonna go to work with a raging hard on?" and advises that, "u ar making me wet again" before sharing that she enjoys blowjobs and in fact has been complimented on her skills.

I couldn't find any indication that Weiss collected any cash for her part of the story (disclosure: I am a lazy motherfucker and could completely have missed it) but somehow all those dripping text messages wound up being read and laughed at all over the Internet. And I doubt Weiner released them.

Poor fucker. I bet he got some in the eye.

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theTsaritsa said...

Did you watch Bill Maher on Friday? He read those texts between Weiner and Weiss... too funny! I'll bet she got paid for releasing them.

Anonymous said...

Weiner...?? Weiss??.... is Tweeting your junk the new form of uber safe-sex fornicating for Jews?

Man if this guy just came out from the start and said, 'yes, I like to get a little freaky on the internets, but that's really none of your business', I'd have respected him. But to lie about it and imply he was 'hacked'(today's horror show buzzword) pisses me off and I thinks he's got to go. But then Charles Rangel is allowed to stay so WTF? It's a tough double standard but if you let one piece of shyte stay for worse then what kind of judgement system to we have?

I hope his wife was into this with him because if she wasn't than that's the real tragedy.

Anonymous said...

"But then Charles Rangel is allowed to stay so WTF? It's a tough double standard but if you let one piece of shyte stay for worse then what kind of judgement system to we have? "

Pat Buchanan wrote a piece that explains the rationale and why Weiner is going under the bus. He's disposable in an election year. He comes from a district that would elect a squirrel so long as the squirrel is a card carrrying Democrat. King Barry is going to be running for re-election and the sooner Weiner goes under the bus, the more distant the memory with voters. Not to worry as most American Average Voters have the memory capacity of a squirrel... ok, enough with the squirrels already, right?

Anonymous said...

Anybody read the transcript of the texts between Weiss and Weiner? Weiss is the middle-aged, black jack dealing, Democrat loving, Sharron Angle dissing, Vegas Jew that was gettin' funky with another Jew on the interwebz...I just never got phone sex or in this case, telecommunication sex (if that is a term)... just never understood how anyone could get their rocks off with that... they strike me as terribly lonely and hard-up folks - or maybe it is just that Jews do it better (?) - who knows?

Anonymous said...

... and now Weiner's gotta face.... duh, duh, duh.....(pregnant pause )


If he thought the press was a bitch, he ain't seen nothing yet. Boy, she's gonna be pissed AND chock full of baby carrying, momma hormones to boot... Thank You Jesus that I'm not Anthony Weiner. If you gonna be stoooopid, you better be tough.

Anonymous said...

hey a thought right after I wrote that... you think this is Sweet Baby Jesus getting even... one Jew at a time??? Payback's a bitch.


At least they were consenting adults and there were no squirrels involved.

As far as we know.

Otherwise, we'll have to turn the case over to Chris Hansen.

wcv said...


I do believe Jeff is the greatest commenter in the history of the Internets.

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...

the plot thickens for Representative Weiner.

Anonymous said...

"'I have wardrobe demands too. I need to highlight my package,'"

I guess he never heard of the old "roll up a sock" trick.

Anonymous said...

Because Kennedy was packing The Commander In Chief™, broadcasting his distended groin into the zeitgeist of the free world once and for all. The people heard Nixon talk tough on Communism. They saw Kennedy had five pounds of dong.

This has been your "Five Minutes in American History".

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Anonymous said...

Great Moments in American Political History

That's right, folks, this is The Bulge That Changed History. When Kennedy faced Nixon in the first televised debates of 1960, the audience who heard the debate on radio declared Nixon the winner. Those who saw it on TV, however, overwhelmingly went Kennedy. Why?

Because Kennedy was packing The Commander In Chief™, broadcasting his distended groin into the zeitgeist of the free world once and for all. The people heard Nixon talk tough on Communism. They saw Kennedy had five pounds of dong.

The Commander in Chief
A deflated football, partially filled with warm clam chowder.

Mark S said...

Weiner: "Would you sleep with me for $15,000?"

Woman: "Sure"

Weiner: "How about for $500.00?"

Woman: "No way! What kind of woman do you think I am?"

Weiner: "We've already established that, darling. Now we are just negotiating price."

Anonymous said...

Weiner's going to take one for the team in 10, 9, 8, 7....(the DRAMA!!! my Ritalin addled squirrel brain can BARELY stand it!!!!)

Team? If my squirrel brain has been paying attention, this was a one-man game.

(And may continue to be.)

Anonymous said...

I actually understand the sending "pictures to make the sexy time" (say that like Borat). People do all sorts of weirdo shit when they want to get laid. EVERYBODY has done something that was stupid in hindsight 'cause they wanted some wang dang sweet poontang - once the hormones get to flowing, people do and say and tweet some awfully stupid shit. BUT, one thing that stood out to me in this douche's text was him seeing himself as some kind of Marvel Comics Superhero type - I was like, "Huh??? Well, ain't you just the King Shit of Turd Mountain, Anthony?" He might SOUND smart but he was in truth awfully stupid or full of hubris or both (which is often the case - I'm not sure if the hubris breeds the stupidity or the other way around). Anyway, the people his District will now look for Rocky the Flying Squirrel to take his place (so long as Rocky has his Democrat Party papers in order). Goodbye Weiner - you gave me much entertainment for a few days and I'll miss you (jeez, sounds like I'm going in for an operation to have my dick chopped off...) Hey there's a joke - Weiner "flopped it over a stump many, many times and somebody came along and chopped it off for him". HAHAHA!

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...

Meagan has nice TITS