TLP: Take It Easy, Baby, You're Playing Someone Else's Song

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After she hires a history tutor, Michele Bachmann needs to fire whomever picked the music for her presidential campaign announcement. Haven't we heard this story before? Of course we have.

Hollywood Reporter (via Reuters via NYT):
It's not even 2012 yet but election season is in full bloom.

And with it comes a new political ritual: First, a Republican candidate attempts to score cultural points by choosing a popular song for a political commercial or a rally. Next, a musician complains about such unauthorized use. Finally, politician says, "Sorry!"

Up first in the 2012 war is a developing dispute between singer-songwriter Tom Petty and Michele Bachmann. On Monday, Bachmann officially announced her candidacy for U.S. president. She left the stage as Petty's "American Girl" blared over the loudspeaker. Uh-oh.

Petty's camp is unhappy with Bachmann's choice of exit music and will ask the campaign not to use the song, according to an NBC News report. (Petty's manager was not immediately available for comment, an employee said.)

Petty previously sent George W. Bush a cease-and-desist letter over his presidential campaign's use of the song, "I Won't Back Down." Bush backed down, of course. But the former president is not alone.

In the past couple of years, musicians have enjoyed great success in getting politicians to see the error of their ways.
First, speaking of credit, what the fuck is with this news story? The NYT running a Reuters pick-up of a Hollywood Reporter article? I think. And don't miss the NBC credit buried in the copy.

Oh well, better to overdo it than just rip it off. Right, Michele?

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Anonymous said...

How about Highway to Hell as a campaign theme song? Why can't someone use Highway to Hell?