Conservative Texas Group Vaporized From Twitter For No Reason

Empower Texans has been scrubbed from Twitter and, so far, have no idea what they did to deserve that sort of treatment.

Without warning or notification, social media mini-blog site Twitter on Monday simultaneously "suspended" the main Empower Texans feed along with the personal accounts of all staff.

It is unsettling, to say the least, given the way the entity sells itself as a great equalizer for personal and public discourse.

The Empower Texans team has never knowingly violated Twitter Rules, and have yet to receive any official notice or clarification of the action. Furthermore, a simple examination of our accounts clearly shows the Empower Texans team have not run afoul of Twitter's guidelines.

Twitter, which offers no phone numbers [n]or the ability to appeal a decision directly, has been notified through their process of this issue, and the necessary appeals have been submitted online. But, again, we have received no information from Twitter.

RedState had this to say:

I have long considered Empower Texans to be the most important and effective state level conservative grassroots organization in the country. These people are not just respected in Texas; they are feared. It is an awesome thing to behold.

Michael Quinn Sullivan and company do excellent work educating Texans on the men who go to Austin claiming to be conservatives only to turn left out of the eyes of their constituents.

And they use Twitter as part of their communication strategy. In fact, twitter is a key component of their outreach. Or at least it was.

Today, Twitter not only shut down the Empower Texans twitter feed, but it also shut down the twitter feeds of every individual who works for Empower Texans.

There could be a simple, innocuous explanation such as hacking or simple operating error (err) or there could be something nefarious afoot. Without a statement from Twitter, it's impossible to say. I'm sure there are plenty who are happy to chalk this one up to the vast left-wing conspiracy to silence its conservative critics but I just don't see it. Twitter has got to be smarter than that.

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kliguy38 said...

Oh really??? Make no mistake....there was a reason....Its the same reason THEY are gonna have to shut you up sista!!....hehehehehheehheehhee

chairmanben said...

Twitters been very even handed.

Empower Texans team must have overstepped the line.