Finally, Someone Created a System to Vote for Financial Blogs You Like

Saturday, July 09, 2011 , 1 Comments

on my way to Washington DC to move in by Election Day

Mindful Money (the same folks who brought you the Social Finance: The New Influentials) has come out with a new guide to financial blogs, which you can find here. I don't simply share it because I'm on it, obviously. That'd be horribly narcissistic.

The mission statement reads something like this:

There are so many great finance blogs out there it’s hard to know where to start, or where to actually find them all. Finance Blogs is an attempt to create a comprehensive listings site for anyone looking for financial information online. So far we’ve categorized over 380 blogs.

But creating a resource is one thing, making that content truly useful is another entirely and that’s not something we can do on our own. So we’ve added a comment section to each listing and hope you’ll share your thoughts and experiences on the blogs that you read, what you like about them, what you learn etc. We think it’ll help other readers discover new and interesting blogs.

You can also vote for your favourite blog and the most popular will find it’s way into the ‘most recommended’ blogs in the sidebar. What we hope will become a quick snapshot of which blogs are popular at the moment. This site will evolve over time, hopefully including interviews with the key players in the blogosphere, amongst other features. Finance Blogs is in Beta, so we know there are probably blogs that we’ve missed, just tell us at and we’ll include them as soon as possible.

The cool part is that you don't have to register to vote, so if, say, you wanted to vote for Jr Deputy Accountant, you could do that here (and she'd love it if you would). You'll also find other familiar favorites of both yours and mine like Financial Armageddon, Zero Hedge and The Reformed Broker, so you can easily vote without signing in and/or leave gushing commentary with Disqus.

Current listings are divided by category from chart porn to commentary, forecasting to tax, it's all sorted out for you.

We're happy to see Joe Kristan made the tax list, he's a must read on the subject. However, we have a few additional suggestions for Mindful Money's list, including but not limited to Taxgirl (now writing for Forbes), Don't Mess with Taxes and the Tax Lawyer's Blog. There are many more, I'm sure I missed plenty.

[Shameless self-promotion] Not to mention the fact that they totally missed Going Concern, which is a financial site in that it covers what's important among those who tick and tie their way through the financial statements. Hopefully Mindful Money can get on adding that, and I don't just say that because writing for them covers at least part of my ever-increasing COL allowance.

Seriously, take two seconds and vote for me, I can't let Felix Salmon slaughter me at my own game.

Congrats to Mindful Money on yet another excellent project.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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