Here's Why There's Still Hope to Beat China

Remember the thing about how the kids from China were kicking our asses in science?

Apparently, the above PS3 controller is a bootleg. Someone ordered a bunch of them from a sketchy website and decided to complain about it when they opened them up and saw obviously fake guts. If you look at the listing, they look a lot like the PS3 controller we all have sitting in our homes right now (well, some of us have custom PS3 controllers... hit me up if you'd like to commission a JDA original, I'm feeling creative). Except they aren't. (I won't link directly as I don't want to promote this bullshit)

A sucker who fell for it writes the following on a forum:

yes i know im stupid for thinking i could get branded goods from dhgate but i chanced it, i know it doesnt say its sony but surley they cannot have pictures showing the sony logo

i ordered 20 controller they came the other day really quick actually, i opened the package and at first thought they were great the looks and feel was spot on, however i fit the controller with rapidfire kits so i have to open up the controllers

i opened the controller to find a board totally different to what i normally come across i knew it was a total fake and super BAD quality a total bodge.

We shouldn't fear the Chinese as they've become copycats (shame, these are the folks that brought us ice cream, gunpowder, fireworks and noodles). Until they can innovate and stop bootlegging crap that we then pay them to ship back to us, we're fine.

Psst, Bernanke, print faster.

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Kellen said...

Here's a problem: say you have a client that sells safety equipment. The kind of safety equipment that will save your life in a big disaster, like gas masks, back up oxygen, etc. So it's super important that it works properly, but you're not going to know you have poor quality until disaster strikes.

So you make your safety equipment, and you want to sell it in China, since they have tons of industry. But a year after you start selling in China, a Chinese company has taken the time to copy your design, and now is selling it at a price tag for lower than your COSTS.

So Chinese firms only buy from this guy, you can't expand there, but it may take years for a real disaster that requires the use of the safety equipment.

So eventually they learn that the copycat cheap goods they bought won't do the job, but in the meantime the Chinese manufacturer has sold a ton, and the U.S. company has no established basis for selling there.

In conclusion: copycat products pass well enough to make their manufacturers money anyway. And that's lame. Hopefully eventually it'll even out and the chinese businesses looking to pay lowest price for things like safety equipment will start to care about the *quality* of the safety equipment instead. But it looks like it'll take awhile to learn that lesson.