TLP: ABC News Wants You to Know it is Not a Pimp Anymore

abc pimp
Note to the next woman who has sleazy photos of a congressional wiener or a mother who has photos and videos of a child she's accused of killing: shop them somewhere other than ABC.

The Huffington Post:
ABC is ending its controversial practice of paying subjects so-called "licensing fees" for photos and videos in exchange for exclusive interviews.

According to the Daily Beast, ABC News president Ben Sherwood made the call to stop paying licensing fees to interview subjects because "whenever ABC landed a high-level booking, questions were raised about whether money had changed hands." Such was the case when Good Morning America's Robin Roberts interviewed the hotel maid who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault, even though ABC did not pay her anything.

Though American networks forbid paying for interviews, paying subjects for photos and videos has been another way of getting subjects to cooperate -- a practice that is seen by some as unethical.
Of course, paying people to blather on uncontrollably is known as MSNBC.

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