TLP: Damnit, This Lazy Stuff is Supposed to Be My Gig

For those of you too lazy to read or watch the news yourself, The Huffington Post now does it for you. I'm a lazy motherfucker and I can't figure out why this makes sense.

The Huffington Post:
The White House will pay more than $37 million in salaries for 454 employees in 2011, according to an annual report issued by the Obama administration on Friday. See which of President Obama's staffers are making the most.
And then there's a video in which some HuffPost reporter (?) recaps how other media outlets covered the story. No link to the actual White House document, nor even to what the other media put out there.

Oh well, who am I to complain about laziness. Watch it if you're feeling that way, too.

The Lazy Paperboy

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