TLP: If All You Want To Do Is Get Noticed, Then This Might Work

We here at Jr Deputy Accountant have nothing against attention whores. Obviously. But there's a way to do that. And this is not it.

The Huffington Post:
Former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur appeared on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" on Thursday night to talk about his departure from the network.

Uygur told viewers of his online talk show "The Young Turks" that MSNBC management had asked him to tone it down following concern from "people in Washington." The network has since denied trying to control the tone or content of Uygur's show. MSNBC president Phil Griffin said that "people in Washington" referred to MSNBC producers who had said that Uygur’s aggressive body language and demeanor were making it harder to book guests. ...

Uygur insisted that his decision to leave MSNBC (he turned down an offer for a weekend show) and his remarks about the network were "not personal," but called out the media and the press in general, for "trading honesty and truth and information that we're supposed to gather, for access."
Olbermann was happy to let Uygur vent. Glenn Beck chimed in, taking his side. And by the weekend, Uygur was singing his song to Howie Kurtz on CNN.

One thing's for sure: more people have heard of Cenk Uygur for not getting hired by MSNBC than even knew he was on teevee.

The Lazy Paperboy

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


Daisy said...

Don't you get it?-- Cenk wasn't trying to GET hired at MSNBC; he's been ON the channel for 6 mos. by popular demand and raised the ratings in his hour. Sharpton is the newcomer.

That's why Cenk's refusal to let MSNBC move him to weekends makes sense, and why the network's move was controversial.

OldSouth said...


I get it. It was a try-out. And MSNBC didn't want him.

So instead of saying thanks for the opportunity or taking the offer of another show, he starts shouting.

Some people might even compare that tactic to something Sharpton might have done. You know, before he got a teevee show.

Daisy said...

The Lazy Paperboy said:
I get it. It was a try-out. And MSNBC didn't want him.

A 6-month "tryout" would be something new in television. And rising ratings in the time slot suggested VIEWERS wanted him. IMO, Cenk was right to say "no thanks."

He he he i got attentioned!!!!

Mark S said...

Who the fuck is Cenk Ungyar? Is that name Dutch?