Does Anyone Actually Want to Have Breakfast With Grover Norquist?

My editor over at Going Concern is completely obsessed with the man but with him in Europe on a much-needed vacation and therefore nowhere near Arlington, VA this week, I guess he's out.

I'd do it but I'm not a huge fan of breakfast to begin with, and 7:30 in the morning is just way too early for my taste. Maybe that's why I can't stand breakfast. Brunch? Mimosas? Now we're talking.

Anyway, here are the details if you're a masochist who likes early mornings, tax issues and Grover's funky mug:

Held the first Wednesday of each month, the Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast is an excellent opportunity for friends of the Leadership Institute to meet leading conservative speakers and hear their thoughts on current affairs. Past breakfasts have been attended by members of Congress, public policy experts, and columnists.

The event begins at 7:30am with a breakfast buffet and the program begins at 8am. The Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast is held in the F.M. Kirby National Training Center of the Leadership Institute's Steven P.J. Wood Building. (Get directions.)

Registration is just $10 per person, which includes breakfast. However, if you'd like to become a Wednesday Wake-Up Club member, you will receive 12 breakfasts for the price of 10.

There's only one kind of "Wednesday Wake-Up" I'm into and it usually means The Lazy Paperboy and I are vacationing on a Tuesday ifyoufeelme.

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wcv said...

I hear Grover is a dick -- and that's coming from conservatives.

Like I want to get up at that hour to drive to Virginia and eat with that motherfucker.

chairmanben said...

Ah,Grover Norquist the ultimate unelected Washington insider.

Take the pledge Grover, no nicotine, coffee and donuts for breakfast!


Anonymous said...

I'd do him.