Survey: 75% of Americans Don't Give a F*** What Happens to Mailmen

cat in a mailbox will fuck you up

Rasmussen Reports asked 1,000 Americans how they feel about the Postal Service...if you are a postal worker, you might want to look away.

Personally, I have to say I love my DC hood mailmen and postal workers. One tried to talk me out of getting any more tattoos as I was buying a money order. That's service!

Anyway, Courier, Express, and Postal Observer has the actual numbers from the survey:

1) How closely have you followed recent stories about the US postal service?

* 28% Following very closely
* 43% Following but not very closely
* 29% Not following [iinferred from press release]

2) The US Postal Service lost about $8 billion last year and wants to lay off about 120,000 workers over the next few years. Congressional approval is required for any such changes. Should the federal government provide subsidies to cover the postal service’s losses or should it allow the postal service to lay off 120,000 postal workers?

* 50% Preferred laying off postal employees
* 33% Preferred subsidies of losses
* 17% Undecided

3) Postal Service employees are covered by a federal employees benefits health insurance and retirement benefits program. The Postal Service wants to withdraw from the federal benefits plan, run its own program, and offer its employees fewer benefits. If it means providing employees with lower benefits, should the Postal Service be allowed to run its own benefits program?

* 56% Supported the USPS running its own benefit plans if it means providing employees with lower benefits
* 27% Opposed having the USPS running its own benefit plans if it means providing employees with lower benefits
* 16% Undecided

4) One way to reduce the Postal Service losses would be to reduce mail delivery in some parts of the country to just three or four days a week. If you had a choice, would you rather see the federal government cover the cost of Postal Service losses or cut back mail services in some parts of the country to three or four days a week?

* 75% Prefer cut back in mail service in some parts of the country to three or four days a week
* 17% Prefer subsidies to maintain services
* 8% undecided

The takeaway I got from this was that America doesn't give a fuck what happens to mailmen. Three to four days of the shit is fine for us, thankyouverymuch.

I don't know about you all but the whole mail thing has gotten tedious. All this bullshit junk mail comes between weird written notices that somehow have to accompany emails that say the same thing. Kill it. So it makes sense that America would be fine with 3 - 4 days a week.

Half of them don't care if postal workers' benefits are cut.

Another half of them would prefer 120,000 postal workers lose their jobs than for Congress to give the USPS money to prevent having to make those cuts.

That tells you something about where America is at with all that.

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W.C. Varones said...

Fuck the mailmen.

What do we need mail for that we can't get from e-mail, fax, or UPS?

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