TLP: New Hampshire Favors Drunk-Driving For Prius Owners Over Disabled Motorists

liquor store parking
In just the latest example of why state-run liquor stores are a bad idea, New Hampshire has sparked a fight over who should get preferred parking on booze runs: disabled motorists or the drivers of environmentally superior vehicles.

The Telegraph:
William O’Brien, the speaker of the N.H. House, and some of his Republican cohorts, including Nashua Rep. Peter Silva, are complaining that the green spaces are directly in front of the liquor store while the handicapped spaces are more toward the side. They asked the Liquor Commission to change the parking scheme.

Joseph Mollica, chairman of the New Hampshire Liquor Commission, said the handicapped spaces were placed halfway between the separate entrances for the public restrooms and the liquor store.

“We felt that the handicapped customers that come to the store would be better served being closer to the bathrooms,” he said. “As retailers, we realized the importance of making it convenient if people need to use the facilities.

“It was designed in a way to keep all our guests happy.”

Critics accused O’Brien and other House Republicans of feigning interest in the issue to get attention.

“If the speaker and Representative Silva actually care about people with disabilities, they have a terrible way of showing it,” said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

“They both supported a budget that cuts millions in services for our most vulnerable citizens, including people with disabilities.”
Which just goes to show people will fight over anything if they see a political gain in it. What does any of it have to do with getting the good people of New Hampshire properly liquored up so they can deal with finding asshat presidential candidates on their front porches from now until the primary?

Here's an idea: get out of the business altogether and let private liquor merchants figure out the best way to serve their customers. What the fuck, maybe they'll do something smart and open a drive-through store.

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Alain Saffel said...

Sounds to me like you've been sucked in and have missed what's really going on. Just more politics and it's not a real issue.

In Canada some provinces (like a state but with more money) run their own liquor stores (BC). They mulled over privatizing the union liquor stores but haven't. There are some private liquor options.

I am in Alberta now where there are thousands of private liquor stores where people make minimum wage. So instead of fewer jobs paying better with which one could actually afford a mortgage, we have more jobs where you can barely afford the rent. Oh, and a side benefit is that BC takes in more money to pay for programs.

I haven't noticed better prices for booze in Alberta but I have noticed a shittier selection.

The state shouldn't be dealing with what should be local regulations anyway.

Alain - In my reporting days, I covered state government in a state where a liquor store privatization initiative turned into a near rebellion. And not from the citizens, who would have been happy to let the market determine store hours and locations and the booze selection and prices. The state workers and their union fought it, dredging up every scary story they could about drunk drivers, alcoholics, you name it. Not that there was any real indication that those issues would be different if people didn't buy their booze from the government.

State lawmakers didn't have to balls to vote for the change. And, years later, it's still that way.

But I take your point, parking rules and zoning regulations are a local issue. This episode just shows how ridiculous it can get when government feels the need to do too much -- from selling booze to painting lines in a parking lot.

I love Alberta, by the way. Crossed it both ways long ago, from Banff to Medicine Hat and then after a quick turn in Saskatchewan, through Edmonton to B.C. The way things are going down here (bigger issues than liquor stores are fucked up, if you noticed) JDA and I may be headed north of the border before long. We'll bring our own booze.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. In my state almost all liquor stores have drive up windows. Why waste time getting out of the car, especially if you're a little tipsy? I'm old enough to remember when you used to be able to get mixed drinks through the window. We measured road trips not in miles, but in beers. Ironically, we have some of the strictest parking lot regulations I've ever seen. Regulation sized spaces, paint colors and line widths. Liquor is a big industry, purchased only through the state, and heavily taxed.

Anonymous said...

Building my own so I can tell 'em all to go fuck themselves.