The TSA Robs You To Run a Thrift Store

So that's what happened to my pink bullet belt, countless half-full bottles of Coke and the 4 oz. bottles of rank coconut cookie body spray I tried to smuggle in my carry-on.

This comes from Natural News:
If you have ever wondered what happens to the countless barrels of personal items that the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) confiscates (steals) from air travelers every single day, you might be surprised to know that state governments are now reselling these supposedly "dangerous" items in government surplus stores for extra revenue.

According to a recent article in the Austin American-Statesman, Texas state surplus stores are reaping hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue every year for the state by selling travelers' "legally" stolen goods.

Formerly reserved for legitimate surplus items, state surplus stores in Texas are making a killing on the thousands of new "security threat" items being stolen by the TSA, which is, of course, the result of artificially-generated government paranoia. So harmless personal items like snow globes, for instance, are now in great supply at the surplus stores because they contain more than the three ounces of liquid permitted by the TSA.

As the Statesman originally reported:
Also illegal, of course, are guns. The surplus store can't sell guns. But it sells gun-shaped items, including toy guns and one large, rhinestone-studded belt buckle shaped like a gun. Another buckle is shaped like a hand grenade. That didn't get by security, either.

See? I TOLD YOU I knew what happened to my belt. The bullets were fucking plastic, studded down to the cheap ass pink canvas in a way that would require bolt cutters to remove. What would a potential terrorist do with plastic bullets? Apparently some TSA genius at Richmond International didn't like the idea of me threatening to, uh, throw the bullets fast like they come out of a gun at someone on my flight? Right.

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Anonymous said...

... and my favorite swiss army knife in the Philly airport. You know, the one with the one-and-a-half inch non-locking blade, scissors, and nail file. Like you'll hijack a plane with that? OK, so here's my solution. Probably not a good idea to arm all the passengers with firearms, but why not just give everybody a taser as they board. Somebody gets out of line and they'd get tased into submission. Hand in the taser as you leave. Problem solved. You're welcome.