Was There a Bomb Involved in 9/11 I Didn't Know About?

CNN had an article yesterday about PTSD and how it affected East Coasters traumatized by 9/11 who survived yesterday's 5.9 earthquake in Virginia and beyond. I was in San Francisco on 9/11/01 so I can't really say that I was traumatized in the same way, but it was interesting to hear how others took the loud, frightening rumble that came moments before the walls started rattling. Oddly, I tweeted afterward that I thought a plane had crashed outside. Being so close to the center of government, I imagined I'd find some mangled government helicopter half-inserted into the pavement and spewing flames everywhere.

Maybe I don't have my 9/11 facts down right but to what bomb could this person be referring? I know it was 10 years ago and my mind isn't what it once was at a ripe old 20 but I don't recall there being any bomb. Unless you're a 9/11 conspiracy theorist and believe, like many do, that much of what we saw that day was a controlled demolition.

Anyway. CNN:

People who lived through the attacks of September 11, 2001, in New York and Washington most likely have a low level of fear and anxiety that generally stays in the back of their psychological experience, but can be triggered, said Nadine Kaslow, professor of psychiatry at Emory University School of Medicine.

For some, a sudden traumatic event such as Tuesday’s earthquake can be a trigger of symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, although usually not the full-blown condition. They may feel panic, anxiety and fear, and even upsetting memories of past trauma.

“I guess I was frightened. I’m not a scaredy-cat or anything. I didn’t think of an earthquake. I really thought something happened again,” Rea said.

Rea darted out of her chair and looked across the street to the police academy to see the reaction there. When she saw no activity, she calmed down.

She tweeted later: “For the people laughing at ny'ers b/c it was a small quake – you weren't here for 9/11 and didn't know if this was another bomb.”

Again, another bomb?

What was that we said about "never forget?" Or was that just a careless slip that the 9/11 Commission wished hadn't been made?

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Anonymous said...

To me that would seem to be a clear demonstration of just how short the memory of the average person is where important events are concerned.... and these people vote.