Check Out This Amazingly Honest 1969 Film About the U.S. Treasury

that's JDA's finger on her first visit to the Treasury, 2009

Learn all about the beginnings of the U.S. Treasury, the uselessness usefulness of the Internal Revenue Service, the patriotic duty that is funding war and how our government comes up with spare cash.

Personally, I appreciated this candid explanation of how we validate paying IRS employees what we do to do, uh, whatever it is they do:

"Its publications and its rulings are numerous and form the basis of many legal decisions and numerous highly technical books and articles on assorted tax matters. All this variety of effort and activity is what keeps those 60,000 employees busy, not just during the filing period but every day the year round."

Note to dear reader: as of 2010, the IRS employs around 106,000. I'm sure there's plenty of work to go around.

Enjoy, kiddies.

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