TLP: Maybe Rural Broadband Expansion Isn't Such a Good Idea After All

rural internet
Apparently, rednecks, hillbillies and other rural and small-town Americans can't be trusted with the Internet. Makes them go all "Deliverance" on each other.

Who better to delve into this milieu than the NYT?
In rural America, where an older, poorer and more remote population has lagged the rest of the country in embracing the Internet, the growing use of social media is raising familiar concerns about bullying and privacy. But in small towns there are complications.

The same Web sites created as places for candid talk about local news and politics are also hubs of unsubstantiated gossip, stirring widespread resentment in communities where ties run deep, memories run long and anonymity is something of a novel concept.

A generation ago, even after technology had advanced, many rural residents clung to the party line telephone systems that allowed neighbors to listen in on one another’s conversations. Now they are gravitating toward open community forums online, said Christian Sandvig, an associate professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

“Something about rural culture seems to make people want to have conversations in public,” said Mr. Sandvig, who has studied the use of social media sites in rural areas.
And that's what the Web is perfect for. Maybe it's less awkward when the people you talk shit about aren't in line with you at the grocery store, but, as they say on the Internet, "whatevs."

What's unacceptable is the kind of language people use. Not profanity; fuck that. It's the accumulated fail of grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization and other things that even a lazy descendant of hillbillies like me can't tolerate.

The NYT couldn't resist telling us that it saw what they did there.

“i think when these girls have one child ok maybe an accident. but when it gets to two of them. i think the law should be pasted that they have to get fixed so there isn’t a third child. sorry just my thought.


“does anyone know anything about him, i know that a close family member of mine has been hanging out over there a lot with her child, and i was just wanting to know what kind of guy he is and if its a safe place for them, she has had a drug problem in the past and i am just concerned about the childs safety i have heard a lot of bad things about him and that place, just wondering if it was true ...”


“You people are horrible and hurtful. I bet you don’t have any room to talk about others. Take a good look at your self BEAUTY QUEEN I bet your not that great yourself.”

And neither are you.

The Lazy Paperboy

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


Anonymous said...

I've BEEN to Alton, MO to trout fish the Eleven Point River - stayed in a real P.O.S. motel that had some sort of significance during the Civil War (ahem, the War of Northern Aggression) and the joke was that my raunchy old bed/bunk had a sign over it that read "Ulysses S. Grant Masturbated Here".

Anonymous said...

these topix forum sites are a fucking hoot this is my old "home" town of about 20 years. For many, this is like giving a loaded S&W to a damned chimpanzee. Be sure to check out the number of responses to the "Illinois approves same sex civil union" - save you the time - 17,488!!!! What a bunch of unemployable idiots!!!!

Anonymous said...

"dog lover" has a burning O-pinion about public aid.... well shit, I just gotta go over there and read the words of wisdom on THAT subject!!! "sure do" just posted some juicy tid bit about some other idiot named Nathan Pegg!!!!

Anonymous said...

"brothel" would like to share something on the "starting a group of women" conversation!!!

Anonymous said...

And, as if that's not all Topix has to offer.... if you're interested in dating one of these mental giants, there's a link for meeting folks who frequent Topix!!!! As an icebreaker, you can instruct them on when it is proper to write "your" and when it is proper to write "you're"!!!

This may be how Ulysses S. Grant was able to spend so much time masturbating in Missouri and still win the war.

Anonymous said...

Expanding broadband in many areas is just one more step toward our rendezvous with the America represented in Idiocracy.

Anonymous said...

that Topix line is actually in Southern Illinois... There are a LOT of Boohickeyville, USA towns spread out all over the upper Mid West and North East (old Union). I've been in rural south and rural north and the only thing different is the accent (or lack of one) and the food.

chairmanben said...

No Shit - legislate webcam sales to women over 200 lbs w/o teeth needs a license.

bdoran said...

OK NP. If you don't mind, we'll stop growing food, sending you our water table...etc...etc. What BS urban snobbery. As if you can't find plenty of illiterate idiots in the urban areas. But it's cool to stereotype rural white people who grow and (well used to) manufacture.

Go back to ruining the money supply, eating food someone else grew - or slaughtered - and sending useless papers back and forth. Unless you're doing something productive, like destroying the national and the world economy.

Easy does it, bdoran. We're happy to fuck with illiterate, clueless and otherwise moronic urban idiots, too.

Ahem, ahem and cough.

Now, why don't you get back out there and slaughter us a hog. Bacon-burgers don't make themselves, you know.