What Happened to Personal Responsibility?

Continuing on last evening's thoughts about FEMA, check out this whiner crying over FEMA's lack of responsiveness to her, erm, needs. And by needs, I mean demands for cash.

Here's the big fat crybaby via the Connecticut Post:

Elizabeth Robinson has no patience for the partisan political maneuvering in Congress that has threatened to delay federal aid for victims of Hurricane-turned-Tropical Storm Irene.

The Bridgeport resident, whose apartment suffered significant water damage from last month's storm, was among the first-day visitors to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Disaster Recovery Center at Housatonic Community College.

The temporary center had been based in Greenwich, but low traffic volume resulted in the location change.

"Just release the money," Robinson, wiping back tears, said of Congressional Republicans' insistence on adopting cuts to pay for some additional FEMA funds.

Raquel Forbes, of Bridgeport, who also met with FEMA staff Monday, agreed.

"Help people who are hurting now and worry about making cuts elsewhere later," she said.

First of all, why is someone in an apartment getting free FEMA money? Doesn't that go to the building owner if needed at all? Second, I pay less than $150 a year for $35,000 in renter's insurance that covers me in the event of all sorts of disasters such as a robbery, spontaneous cat combustion or, God forbid, a natural disaster. The policy does not cover the disaster itself (like a window getting blown out in a hurricane) but it would cover my big screen TV if a hurricane blew out my windows and someone walked right in here and took it. It also covers secondary damage from natural disasters, because it is assumed that the property owner's policy covers any damage to the actual property. I am not required in my lease to hold a renter's insurance policy but I live in the hood, so figured I'd hedge my robbery odds in my favor and do the smart, responsible thing. God, who the hell am I?

Anyway, apparently it's easier to cry to the media about how unfair the government is being by not cutting a check for damages an apartment renter wouldn't even be responsible for than to suck it up and throw a few bucks at the insurance company. God fucking bless America.

How much do you all want to bet this person got worked up over Wall Street bailouts?

Or how about this?

Those who have not gotten disaster relief money are flocking to FEMA Disaster Relief Centers like one in Luzerne County.

"You are sending so much aid to other countries, you are sending so much everywhere else. You've got to help America. I mean, I think everybody in America would like to send that message to politicians. It's us. We need it," said Suzie Mizzer of Kingston Township.

Did you ever think it would come to this, America? Crumbling infrastructure, corrupt politics and a bankrupt Treasury, with our citizens begging for the last scraps before the entire thing goes bust?

Don't get me wrong, I feel horrible for the people who have lost everything. But feeling horrible and funding their moral hazard are two different things. Back in the early 2000s when everyone could afford it, maybe it didn't matter. But now we're at the breaking point, and either we make sacrifices (like not expecting the government to replace our moldy Beanie Baby collections) or we fall. It's pretty much that simple.

But don't tell hysterical beggars that.

However, I did appreciate the way Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont put it:

"[FEMA's money] could run out very, very quickly. And then the highway fund that repairs our highways-- that's virtually gone. It is ridiculous. It's the first time in history that we haven't come together and say, OK, Americans have been hit by a disaster, let's Americans help Americans. You have some of these people who have voted for a blank check to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan, but they suddenly say, well we can't vote for money to rebuild America? For Americans? With American jobs? It's Alice in Wonderland."

We're obviously seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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Anonymous said...

Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds has an interesting post about the entitlement mindset posted within the past few days.