Zimbabwe Ben's Mentor Robert Mugabe Tells Zimbabweans To Avoid the West

The dude who imploded Zimbabwe's proprietary fake money is lashing out at the West in response to this whole Libya thing that we got ourselves into without anyone's permission.

President Mugabe urged Zimbabweans to be wary of the West.

"Only a dead imperialist is a good one. So do not trust them, it is only when they are dead that you can trust them," President Mugabe said.

Wow, that seems really fucking harsh.

The funny part of this entire story is that Zimbabwe, totally on the mend after having its "debt" wiped out, is headed back there again since they switched to U.S. dollars.

That's even harsher.

As a token of solidarity, Mugabe kicked out Libya's ambassador and other embassy staff who renounced their loyalty to his homie Gaddafi. Mugabe has also offered Gaddafi a place to hang out while these NATO assholes peacekeep all up in his shit.

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