Here's a 1932 Cartoon That Explains Everything Happening Right Now

Just watch it. (email subscribers can go to YouTube here)

At 6:03, you can very clearly see links of sausage mounted in a frame with "FATHER" below it.

You probably know how it ends so this isn't a spoiler: eventually, the pigs outsmart the big bad wolf by boiling his ass after he sneaks down their chimney and he runs away howling, dragging his ass in the dirt the whole way. Two pigs go back to dancing (one with a flute? and one with a violin) while the third waits a moment and then knocks on the piano he is playing (all we're missing here are some sweet drums, people) as if the wolf is banging at the door. The two dancing pigs? They run and hide under the bed, their little pink tails quivering in the air. Powerful stuff, those creepy old cartoons.

Tangentially related, did you guys hear some shit went down around the world today?

So why were none of the MSM media whores (and by media whores, I mean news outlets that used to be 24 hours) reporting it? I didn't watch it most of the day (too busy trolling "NYPD Brutalizes Innocent Protesters For Peacefully Trying to Close Their Bank Accounts" posts all over the place), but as of 2 AM Sunday, not a single one was running anything about news. Anderson Cooper had his stupid ass town hall on bullying.

I turned on RT (lucky me, we have it in Washington, at least on Comcast) and they were running a headline that said the worldwide "Occupy Together" rallies were a demonstration "against corporate greed and government cutbacks." Their words, not mine.

Oh wait, CNN also said that part of the world's gripe (not necessarily ours exclusively) was government cuts:

Thousands of people across the world railed against corporate power, grinding poverty and government cuts Saturday as the Occupy Wall Street movement spread to the streets of Europe, Asia and Australia -- and took a particularly violent turn in Rome.

Maybe you would prefer this overly dramatic opinion piece (Douglas Rushkoff via CNN):

To be fair, the reason why some mainstream news journalists and many of the audiences they serve see the Occupy Wall Street protests as incoherent is because the press and the public are themselves. It is difficult to comprehend a 21st century movement from the perspective of the 20th century politics, media, and economics in which we are still steeped.

In fact, we are witnessing America's first true Internet-era movement, which -- unlike civil rights protests, labor marches, or even the Obama campaign -- does not take its cue from a charismatic leader, express itself in bumper-sticker-length goals and understand itself as having a particular endpoint.

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Meanwhile, while many of us are transfixed by this blessed event/endless source of satiric material/train wreck, China and Russia are cuddling up. We're picking some weird fight with Iran over some guy that friends say could hardly plot his way out of a paper bag. This guy allegedly plotted to kill the Saudi ambassador. A drunk used car salesman! Anyone feel like you're being used yet? It was too easy to watch the Occupy train wreck over the real news.

Here are some pictures if you couldn't be occupying in person today. Or you can just watch the video above again to fast-forward to how it ends.

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Joyce said...

I really like your Three Little Pigs cartoon as an allegory for the times! How succinct!

bdoran said...

OK and since the Middle Class - who can't afford "tax opinions" and knows who will pay any new's the pushback.