"I'm a F***ing Journalist, You Motherf***er!"

Yes, "I'm a fucking journalist, you motherfucker" is a direct quote from self-described independent journalist Luke Rudkowski who runs the website We Are Change. Odd, I would think a real journalist would know that "politicians" should not be spelled with an apostrophe after the "n" in the context in which he used it on his site (peep the "poll" on the right sidebar) but hey, maybe I'm a Fascist Grammar Nazi. Lord knows I take advantage of editorial freedom myself now and then.

Here's the text of the YouTube video his "organization" posted, which apparently shows Rudkowski getting his ass beat by New York cops:

Journalist Luke Rudkowski was attacked by police Wednesday night while trying to document the Occupy Wall Street arrests in NY. NYPD used pepper spray, batons, and brute force to move protesters away from the entrance to Wall Street after many tried to push through police barricades. Rumors immediately circulated that police provocateurs dressed as protesters were to blame for the incident.

Um... I'm against the police state as much as anyone but, uh, if you push past police barricades, expect to get your ass pepper sprayed. We know many cops are little more than glorified security guards with an authority complex, why exacerbate the problem by ignoring their directives to keep yourselves within a certain area? And if you're out there with a Flip camera trying to document it as the "media," you better make sure you present yourself as such. You know, like real journalists do when they're in a war zone in an obvious PRESS vest.

Anyway, here's his mission statement as posted on We Are Change:

Here at We Are Change, we have dedicated our lives, fortunes, and energy to seeking the truth. We have no sponsors, no corporate or government funding, and no one telling us what to do. All we have is YOU. With your support, we can continue confronting criminals and make it our life’s work. You can help us be TRULY independent journalists (the kind that ask tuff questions without fear of being fired by their corporate bosses). Your support will go towards video equipment (I.E. cameras, microphones, computers, etc), the We Are Change website (website overhaul in the works), and We Are Change video productions. Help take THE RESISTANCE to the next level!
Luke Rudkowski
Independent Journalist
Founder, We Are Change

Wow. Asking the tuff questions, huh? I'd like to ask where the fuck he hid the "ough" but that might be mean.

Anyway, here's the video of Luke getting his ass beat by the NYPD that I know you're dying to see:

Is this really the way to get results? What is the result this "independent journalist" is after? A real journalist wouldn't call a cop a motherfucker, at least not to his face while said cop is beating the shit out of said journalist.

Word to the wise: you will get a billy club to the balls if you disobey the police. That is not a peaceful protest, and it is not exercising your First Amendment right if you blatantly ignore orders from the Police State Mafia.

This is one case where being subversive requires stealth, not obnoxious noise. But y'all have fun out there getting pepper sprayed and knocked around. I hope it makes you feel validated somehow.

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Anonymous said...

"maybe I'm a Fascist Grammar Nazi."

Maybe....??? maybe....??? The shoeshine boy called and he says your Jackboots are polished and ready for pickup.

Anonymous said...

We know many cops are little more than glorified security guards with an authority complex.

Anonymous said...

even better I liked the music background. Very Starsky and Hutch.

Stock Trader said...

Maybe you don't have an accurate account of the journalist truth :-)

Anonymous said...

Instead of commenting on someone else's story about what happened, why don't you become an actual journalist and cover it yourself. This is the kind of trash that gets written by someone sitting in the basement of their mothers house watching videos all night. Get off your ass and go cover the story if you want to comment on something. Just plain lazy.

My mom is dead, asshole.

And unlike Mr Rudkowski, I don't have the luxury of a $85,000 donation slush fund to finance my adventures so I have to WORK. Couldn't get the time off to go to the big bad banker drum circle. Too bad.

Next time you're going to attempt to talk shit, try signing your name to it. I might be lazy but you're a coward.

@Anonymous 9:13

I'm offended by your comment. I'm the one on this website who is just plain lazy.

Also, since you don't know anything about the "actual" journalistic experience of either JDA or me, it would be easy to say you should do some work instead of commenting on someone else's.

Tell your mother we say hello. And brush the Cheetos off the couch. If she's told you once about that, she's told you a thousand times.

Anonymous said...

Luke does more good than this lame ass blog ever will do. Not to mention he has the balls to be on the front lines with real people dissecting real issues, and being a catalyst for real change. Stop criticizing him from grammatical errors and focus on the bigger picture here, which obviously you're unable to see.

Yawn, anon. I've been to protests. I've never yelled "I'm a fucking journalist, you motherfucker" at a cop.

Maybe you should get out on the research frontlines before you pop off at the mouth defending people you don't know:

"For the Past 2 years many of us have been fighting for transparency within the 9/11 Truth movement. Specifically, within Wearechange New York City as it pertains to the finances. We feel extremely reluctant to discuss the current situation with "WE ARE CHANGE", but it needs to be addressed if we are going to move forward in this movement. This situation has been extremely disruptive, and we hope we can all come to a resolution in a civil and honest manner.

It should be known that we have tried to deal with this in a private setting, hoping to shield the rest of the movement from this unnecessary drama. However, Luke Rudkowski has put us in a position where that is no longer possible.

Luke Rudkowski routed all donations totaling over $85,000 (according to the chip-in flash application gauge) to his PRIVATE BANK ACCOUNT


(just like Les Jamison of NY911truth did). Luke Rudkowski has 100% control of donations that come to We are change. Luke Rudkowski has yet to give a real detailed financial report in two years which is supposed to be provided according to voted on bylaws.

"All expenditures will be presented to the group with statements presented on the first meeting of every month detailing expenses and money accrued."- http://www.wearechange.org/?page_id=33

Back in March 2009 Luke and 2 others where arrested for attempting to question Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Luke set up a chip in to pay for the legal costs for all three people. However, it quickly changes to just be the Luke Legal Defense fund. According to the chip in widget Luke was able to raise $4,241.55."

As for my balls, trust me, they are plenty big. For a girl.

Find someone else to troll, kiddo.

wcv said...

A dirty hippie wood shampoo and now a troll bitch slap!

I'm in heaven!

Anonymous said...

*munches crab chips*