Is $CIGX a Buy or a Scam?

Friday, October 14, 2011 13 Comments

IMHO, everything is a scam. I lost money on bonds that aren't even supposed to move, that's a scam. You know this. I know this.

But there are also obvious "red flag" hand jobs going on (HFT robots aside), like InterOil for starters. CMKM. I could go on.

So when I came across CIGX, I have to say I was intrigued.

Their CigEx product has raving reviews on Amazon, and apparently the same product that purports to help people stop smoking has anti-inflammatory benefits. That's pretty rad. A carton of the anti-smoking lozenges sells for about $40 on Amazon. Its Anatabloc product (packaged similarly to CigRx) sells for about $100 for a 10 pack carton.

A recent Seeking Alpha article by Dr. John Faessel touts Star Scientific as one hell of a buy, but in the same article, commenters call him out for writing four posts about this damn Star Scientific, which is a trademark tool of your typical pumper.

I will give the SA commenter this, it's a pretty wild claim. According to the Seeking Alpha article, Star Scientific's new product can practically cure cancer. Then again, as a person who suffers from an inherited bad back made worse by a hellish commute, I'm tempted to give this alleged anti-inflammatory a shot.

Now enter Star Scientific. Last Wednesday (8/30/2011) Star began selling Anatabloc™ online and by phone. I believe that Anatabloc™ could become a multi-billion dollar product. Why?

Simply, Anatabloc™ inhibits NF-kB. New testing at the Roskamp Institute shows that Anatabloc™ is more effective in lowering / moderating / inhibiting NF-kB’s role in inflammation than the leading drugs in the market space — and they sell in the $billions. Furthermore, Anatabloc™ can be taken without concern about toxicity, and it’s an over-the-counter, non-prescription product.

The Roskamp Institute has posted data – "inflammaging research" – revealing how (RCP-006) Anatabloc™ is more than four (4) times more effective than either Celebrex or Voltarol and three (3) times more effective that Lipitor in reducing inflammation in whole human blood. Lipitor and Celebrex are recognized to have advanced anti-inflammatory properties and have sold in the billions. Lipitor sales in 2010 were $10.7 billion.

The market for Anatabloc™ as a reducer of low grade inflammations is of staggering proportions: the product targets chronic inflammation known to be present in a number of coronary and vascular diseases, cancers and in auto-immune diseases such as thyroid disease, diabetes, asthma, Crohn’s, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and arthritis, besides numerous other conditions and bodily woes ― and that includes ageing [sic].

OK fine, he spelled "ageing" wrong.

CIGX definitely shows the danger signs but it isn't about whether or not the product works, it's about whether or not enough people believe the product works to make some money.

Right? Can we be honest about that?

I might buy. I might regret it (I'm no fucking HFT robot) but I might buy anyway.

Jr Deputy Accountant

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


Sounds impressive but the reviews on Amazon are suspect. All of the reviewers except one have never reviewed anything else. Could be Cigrx employees at work.

W.C. Varones said...

The stock is so heavily shorted you have to pay 40% per year to borrow it -- if you can get a borrow at all.

That says the shorts are absolutely certain this thing is a complete fraud.

Anonymous said...

perstSince I take the CIGRX product I can tell you it does work on pain from 2 torn meniscus surgeries, a few deteriorating disks. I like to run and at 50 I can keep going . Have stopped using it and the pain slowly creeps back. The anatabloc product is stronger and I will try that when my Cigrx runs out. If you want to invest try the product or get someone with issues to try it and then decide.

W.C. Varones said...

Holy crap, they're not in the tobacco business, they're in the stock issuance business!

Check out the cash flow statements and balance sheets (this is Jr. Deputy ACCOUNTANT, is it not?). They are losing $20m+ a year and making it back by converting warrants at ridiculous low prices, massively diluting existing shareholders. Shares out increased by 20 million last year alone!

morgana said...

I have tried the stuff and it works. All I can say is this try it all you got to loss is the cost of one month's use if it does not help. You have every right to put this stock down. But I know you will find it works and helps. And if that is the case Please tell everyone. I am taking a package to my mother this weekend to try who has suffered with Arthris for 40 years. God I am praying it helps her too. Go to Facebook and read all the people it is helping.


Thanks, I didn't think to peep financials. Will put on my green eye shade and look at those for a follow up post.

... Here's what's weird, the comments I've gotten so far about how good of a product this is have come to the site by way of the CIGX stock pages on Yahoo and Google... what "patient" do you know that would go looking for blogs on their favorite medication on a stock ticker?

Now I really have to get some and find out for myself.

I might need an anti-inflammatory after I get done with those financials.

Anonymous said...

Anatabloc does work. Sinus problems disappeared. Partial loss of hearing from Meniers disease. Hearing starting to come back after going on Anatabloc (gradually improving for past month on it). Arthritis pain going down considerably for family member. Knee pain gone for anther family member. All say they have a lot more stamina after going on it. You need to try the product. 6 per day seems to be the dose.

Anonymous said...

Beneficial anatabine results reported by people who have tried CigRx and or Anatabloc.
They have been collected from the Star Scientific Yahoo message board,
from respective facebook pages or submitted to me via email.
Email submitters are kept confidential
I'm sure it's not the complete list but it's my best effort since early March

ADD relief
aches and pains usually associated with aging
adhesive capsulitis in the glenohumeral joint
age related macular degeneration
Age spots fade/disappear
alcohol drinking urge cessation
allergy relief
Alzheimer Disease
anger management aid
anti depressant
anti-inflammatory support
appetite suppressant/controlled
arthritic knuckles pain relief
Asthma NF-KB
Atrial Fibrillation
attention deficiencies
autoimmune dermatitis
auto immune hives
back pain
bakers cysts
bilateral chronic shoulder tendonitis
blood pressure relief
BPH benign prostatic hyperplasia
Breathing Aid
cancer bladder
cancer remissions of life-threatening cancers
canker sores stopped
cervical arthritis
cholesterol lowering
chronic lumbosacral pain
cold sore swelling stopped
complexion aid
concentration support
Crestor "serious bad reaction" relief
crohns disease
CRP lowered
Curbed my desire for sugar
Cured my left arm from falling asleep every time I rested it on anything.
Dermatitis Autoimmune
dipping cessation
Disc Extrusion relief
Dog pain (beware caffeine)
dream attitude improved
drug use cessation
edema relief
energy enhanced
eye healing
eye therapy
feelings of general overall well-being
finger nail growth enhanced
focus better (study, home work)
food allergies relief
Foods that I wasn’t too fond of now taste better and I eat better but I don’t over eat.
foot callous and inflammation relief
gum health
hair grows faster
hangover remedy
hay fever symptoms have disappeared
healthy eating support
hearing improved from meniere's disease
heart attack prevention
hip bursitis pain
Improved my quality of sleep and my dreams
inflamation reduced
Inflamed foot
inhibits inflammation and the accumulation of amyloid in the brain.
IBS irritable bowel syndrome
iron overload cessation (hemachromotsis?)
joint pain
knee swelling
manages CRP and inflammation
memory improved
menstrual pains relief
mental focus
minor swelling
nails grow faster
old ACL repair pain
osteo arthritis
osteoarthritis of the neck
oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin improvement
premature ejaculation aide
prescription drug( Oxy) tapering
panic attacks
prostate relief
benign prostatic hyperplasia
rash cessation
Reactive Airway Disease
reduced need for NSAIDS
Relieves ankle swelling
Relieves sore muscles after doing yard work.
Rheumatoid arthritis
rosacea at bay
rotator cuff pain relief
sciatica problems
sinus relief
skin bumps, bruises, scraps, cuts, nicks, etc. all heal faster with less irritation
skin care
skin lesions/moles
skin improvement/rejuvenation/youthful
sleep apnea
Sleep better
smell sense improved
smoking cessation
Sports injury relief
STD more controlled
stress relief
sugar and sweets desire curbed
taste sense improved
teeth sensitivity relief
thought process is faster
thyroid fibrosis cessation
thyroid inflammation
tingleing sensation reduced/gone
trigger finger
toe nail rehab/growth correction
urge to eat cessation
varicose veins
variety of pains
weight loss
work out recovery

I don't care if you buy the stock. I don't even care if you buy the product. All I care about is that I bought Anatabloc and it completely cured my arthritic left hand in 15 days of 3 pills per day. And my wife's chronic sciatic problem is almost gone too with the same dose. And so if a "better mousetrap" makes for a profitable business, this CIGX should be a bargain even at today's price up 35% recently.

Anonymous said...

My life was becoming a nightmare. I've had Parkinson's for 14 years and have maxed out on my PD drugs. I was contempalting Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery to by more quality time. I also have terrible osteo arthritis in both shoulders. My ortho told me the only fix is full replacement surgery. My left knee was swollen and beginning to feel like I neded a second menisus repair 5years after the first repair. I was in great pain much of the day and my shoulders would not let me sleep more than 2-3 hours a night.Four days ago I read an ad online and with little faith walked to the mall acroos the street and reluctantly paid my $100. From the very first dose, one losenge (half the recommended dose) my PD symptoms have been dramatically reduced and I've cut back 20% on my PD drugs. My shoulder pain has decreased about 75%. I can now put my belt on by myself and get to my underarms in the shower. My energy level has returned to what I remember as a heslthy 30 year old (I'm 61). My dexterity has improved dramatically. I couldn't care less about the bean counters trying to capitalize to the max. The brains behind this are some scientists who deserve a good slap on the back and a thank you and bless you from those who have benefited from this product. I am a retired specal ed teacher in the panhndle of FL. Never heard of Cigrx. If you haven't tried it you shouldn't be posting.

Tom in Colorado said...

Anatabloc works for me! Rheumatoid arthritis, hypothryroidism, and BPH. By the way, I'm one of those guys who reviewed this on Amazon and have never posted another review. I never found another product worth reviewing in the past.

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