The Natives are Hella Restless

Lock up your daughters and take your dogs to the pound, people, the natives have officially stormed the fortress.


Thousands of people including teachers, religious leaders and union workers marched in downtown Chicago on Monday to voice mounting anger over joblessness and income inequality in protests that snarled rush-hour traffic.

Chanting "We are the 99 percent" and "Tax, tax, tax the rich," some demonstrators marched on Michigan Avenue and gathered outside the Chicago Art Institute where a U.S. futures industry trade group was holding an evening cocktail reception.

Others marched outside a luxury hotel near to where the American Mortgage Bankers Association was holding a meeting downtown.

Thousands. On a Monday. Granted, some people didn't work. I know I didn't. I took off. My small private company can survive a day without my magic, I'm sure.

Wait, it gets better. Kanye West showed up:

Ladies and gentleman, Kanye West is in the building. Or in this case, outside of it.

The outspoken rapper paid a visit to the Occupy Wall Street protests Monday afternoon, led by rap mogul Russell Simmons. Simmons was there to appear on Reverend Al Sharpton’s radio show, which the MSNBC primetime host was broadcasting live from the park.

The media spotlight on the movement has not faded and celebrity interest hasn't abated. Organization, however, is still lacking and political goals still need unpacking.

Right. Kayne West is the fourth sign that this movement never stood a chance, and it started with the unions showing up.

Reuters goes on:

The media spotlight has been unrelenting. As TheWrap made its inaugural trip to the protests' headquarters in Zucotti Park, various representatives of the movement related a ceaseless onslaught of cameras and interview requests.

A press officer told TheWrap that he spends almost every moment he's there either being interviewed or arranging interviews; a more recent recruit said she'd already lost track of how many times she’d spoken with the press.

Cameras greet “occupiers” as they wake up, even before they get the chance to grab a bite to eat or smoke their first cigarette of the day.

And that is why the likes of West, Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore trudge down here. The more attention the movement gets, the more opportunities it gets to spread its message and the more likely it is to have an impact.

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Anything can have a hash tag, is anyone going to intervene and steer this before an unscrupulous bunch of "celebrities" hijack it?

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wcv said...

Greatest Kanye West song ever.

I hope he does a OWS remix.

W.C. Varones said...

Handy youtube video here.

That is some great shit. Definitely gotta be the first song on Kanye's Greatest Hits album.