An Occupy Wall Street Trustafarian and Bankster Call a Temporary Truce

Edward T. Hall III may be the greatest Occupy Wall Street troll we've seen so far (excluding the young woman in the video I've posted at the end of this post). Either he's really good at convincing reporters he's important or he's an obvious plant masquerading as a crusader for economic freedom and $20/hr minimum wage. His website is a trip - as in oh man, I'm trippin' balls - and it's likely were 99%ers to have their way, Hall's grandfather would have never been able to leave his grandson a trust fund large enough to fund his adventures in airports and rallies.

First, you have to watch his crying, sniveling "fuck these people" rant from the other day. Short version: "We are digging in farther like the future cars are gonna have more mileage and more sustainable stars than on the flag." Ummm... what? Keep in mind this guy is a former Columbia University research assistant (yes, the same Columbia from which we get Fredric Mishkin). You can also see him in this incendiary @OpieRadio video at 0:40, still asleep on the street at 1 in the afternoon.

Anyway, now he's in the Times meeting with a bankster for Snapple and a cappuccino.

Mr. Hall is a well-educated young man with a privileged upbringing who said he was following a calling greater than getting a job and making money. He said he saw the protest as a global movement to help fight poverty and economic inequality. He has spent the past month sleeping in the park and is one of the organizers of the protest.

Mr. Vivona grew up in a working-class family on Staten Island and now lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, with his wife and two young children. He has been a stockbroker for 17 years, works “13- or 14-hour days” and has done well for himself on Wall Street.

“Not tens of millions of dollars, but I do O.K.” was as specific as he would get.

City Room had arranged for the two to meet and to have a one-on-one discussion about the issues raised by the protesters. Trying to find someone to represent the views of the financial industry proved challenging, and several workers declined. Mr. Vivona, who was spotted outside Zuccotti Park, agreed.

At a nearby cafe, the men, an unlikely duo, sat across from each other. Mr. Vivona, who works in an office building two blocks from the park, had a Snapple. Mr. Hall — who, when told the meeting would be indoors, ended up covering his bare feet with a pair of women’s rubber boots — went for a cappuccino.

Here's the video of their meeting.

And here's video of the trust fund baby making a creepy, hardly intelligible address to the OWS sheep, who bark back his babble.

This is a guy who jumped into a baggage carousel in an attempt to board a flight to San Francisco from New York's JFK airport after airport security denied him entry to his flight based on the fact that he did not have ID on him. Now I've flown without ID, so I know you've got to be pretty off to get rejected at the airport, and definitely way off to decide to jump the gate to get in anyway. It's lonely in a Me First world, ain't it?

Here's a brief interview he gave to The AWL on the subject:
Zachary Urbina: First, what were you thinking?

Ted Hall: Ha ha! I wanted to spend a little more time with Maya. The universe conspired for this to happen. I decided to buy a ticket at the last minute from one of those ticket kiosks. I didn’t bring my ID to the airport, but they let me buy a ticket. We waited in the security line and when I got to the front of the line, they said they had to find a way to validate my identity.

I was determined to make this flight. I waited while they tried to check my identity but it was very close to the time the flight was scheduled to depart.

At some point, I asked security, “What will happen if I just go past you.” Their response: “You will reap the consequences.” Really, I wasn’t thinking about other people. I realize that especially in New York, I was trespassing on social norms, but I was just thinking about spending more time with this girl. Eventually, I decided to return to the United ticket kiosk to see what they could do for me. In my eyes, I was a customer and they should be able to help me. United. UniTED. There’s so much Ted in my life! At that point I realized I was getting on this flight, or getting arrested. I felt a certain magnetism. I remember thinking, I’ve gotta do it myself. I’ve just gotta try. If I get arrested, so be it. Love can be that strong.

Love huh? What the fuck is going on here?

Oh well. Let's end it with the best Occupy Wall Street video I've seen so far.


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